10 Celebrity-Inspired Fall Haircuts

Sep 12, 2016

Everyone’s favorite season is officially here. The pumpkin spice is already out, the sweaters, beanies, and boots are being hauled out and dusted off. You are switching all of your lippies to new, gorgeous mauves and changing up your whole look, but what about your hair?

Don’t you think you need a new style to freshen you up with the rest of your wardrobe and makeup? Well, do not fret, I have got you covered. Here are ten of the best celebrity-inspired fall haircuts that will look seamless and easy with your new, cozy look.

1 A-Line bob

Jennifer Lawrence always has the best looks, but this has to be the best, by far. The whole A-Line bob is coming back with a vengeance, but her styling is sleeker and more modern with her part to the side and her effortless waves. This is a perfect match for fall, especially if you match her deep, purple lips, too.

2 Shoulder-length chop

Cara Delevingne is always on point, but her hair is especially fantastic for fall. This one length crop is perfect for the ladies looking for something simple, yet stunning. And if you cut the ends just right for extra movement like she did, you will be set to swing it and bounce it all you want.

3 Long pixie

If you are looking for something a little more edgy this fall, look no further than Ruby Rose. Her in between bob and pixie cut – let’s call it a long pixie – will look great on any face shape, really. Tapering can give it an even more sleek feel, but you can take it yet another step by shaving the neck to make it more crisp and clean.

4 Fringe

The full on fringe is back! Dakota Johnson rocks this style, and so can you this fall. Bangs are a huge statement with any look, and you can combine fringe with either of the bobs listed previously and look fabulous, or just keep your hair long and flowing with some nice layers. Either way, you’ll look fantastic.

5 Fringed bangs

If you want to go even more bold with your fringe, aspire to look like Taylor with her soft, lightly feathered ends and pair it with that stark, contrasting fringed bangs. Hers are not parted in any way and they look fab, so if you feel like a big change, I’d say go for it, girl. This ie one of the most fantastic fall haircuts to get this season.

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6 Choppy bob

Alexa Chung is always stunning, but her hair looks effortless – that’s because it is. If you want that popular bob, but don’t want to put in the effort or making it just right like Jennifer or one length like Cara, go for this look. The longest pieces of her hair are in the back, with it slowly edging more and more upward towards her cheeks the closer you go to the front of her hair. The result is a choppy bob that looks great any which way you fling it.

7 Long, wispy, choppy hair

Emma Watson is always elegant, but this fall she went with a more edgy look with long, wispy, choppy hair. This shoulder length cut is perfect for most face shapes and the middle part gives it a more tailored look. This is another effortless haircut that you can just wash and go. So, for all my lazy ladies, this one is for you.

8 Tapered afro

This one is for the ladies with crazy curly hair. This tapered afro is gorgeous and wild, yet still very neat. Just ask your stylist to taper the bottom of your fro and leave more weight and volume at the top to give it the shape of a heart or diamond. What could be more glam than that?

9 Medium length cut

If you are looking for something more elegant this fall, this is the look for you. This medium length cut is a mix of long and short layers that make a stark contrast, giving it an airier look than a lob yet still not being as blunt as a bob. You can toss it over your shoulder, swing it to either side, or just have it parted down the middle like Midi here. This style is not only elegant, but easy.

10 Blunt bob

The last, but certainly not least fall hairstyle trend is Kylie’s blunt bob. She is the picture of perfection, always. Truly flawless, including her hair. This bob is just slightly different from the others, having it parted just slightly to one side and angled to where one side is longer, giving it a more modern, sleek look.

The word for this haircut is polished, and it will definitely make any cozy fall outfit look more put together and less like you just threw on some tights, boots, and a knit sweater.

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Those are all the trendy fall haircuts for now, but remember; no matter what you choose, work it like you are Beyonce. What’s your fall haircut choice?