10 Celebrity-Inspired Fall Haircuts

Sep 12, 2016

Everyone’s favorite season is officially here. The pumpkin spice is already out, the sweaters, beanies, and boots are being hauled out and dusted off. You are switching all of your lippies to new, gorgeous mauves and changing up your whole look, but what about your hair?

Don’t you think you need a new style to freshen you up with the rest of your wardrobe and makeup? Well, do not fret, I have got you covered. Here are ten of the best celebrity-inspired fall haircuts that will look seamless and easy with your new, cozy look.

1 A-Line bob

Jennifer Lawrence always has the best looks, but this has to be the best, by far. The whole A-Line bob is coming back with a vengeance, but her styling is sleeker and more modern with her part to the side and her effortless waves. This is a perfect match for fall, especially if you match her deep, purple lips, too.