10 Cute Haircuts for Round Faces

Jun 16, 2016

The women who are born with the round faces have a literally huge choice when it comes to stylish haircuts. You know the rule: your haircut can either enhance your beauty or ruin it. Even little tweaks like changing your hair length or angling layers out can amp up your entire look. Before you book your salon appointment, check out what haircut is the most flattering for your face.

1 Angled bangs

When choosing bangs for your round face, consider the width to prevent your bangs from shortening your face. Whether you have a short or long hair, angled bangs that hit the brows or even eyelashes help create the illusion of angles to the round face. Exactly, what you need.

2 Tapered Pixie

Many women with round faces avoid short hairstyles. The reason is obvious, but if you really want to chop your locks, a tapered pixie haircut is right for you.This hairstyle will give definition to your face and is ideal for the summer season.

3 Asymmetrical bob

If you want to define your round face, asymmetrical bob is worth a try. It is easy to style so if you are late for work, just brush your hair and head to the office.Messy asymmetrical bob looks stylish yet beautiful too.

4 Mix up your layers

Mixed-length layers are not only for chubby faces. This haircut is perfect for girls who want to make their round faces appear a bit shorter. The key is to angle the layers the right way and make sure they are face-framing. The layers should not be above the chin. Short layers can make your face look chubby.

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5 Barely-there layers

If you have a long, thick hair and a round face, take advantage of them both by creating barely-there layers. Even though the haircut looks like it is one length, it gives your face a little lift and makes it look a bit slimmer.

6 Voluminous lob

Jennifer Lawrence know how to make her round face look slimmer and cuter. Voluminous lob is one of the most beautiful haircuts for round faces as it is quick and easy to style and it does not require special tools. All you need is hot rollers and brush, and you are ready to conquer the world.

7 Center part

Whether you have long bangs or locks, the center part is a great haircut option for women with round faces. It is a simple way to update a traditional look. An added bonus, it can create the illusion of a longer face, depending on how long your hair.

8 Long and straight

This hairstyle will slightly accentuate the roundness of your face rather than hide it. When you have chubby cheeks, adding volumes to your hair is a huge mistake, so long and straight haircut is a perfect choice.Consider long and straight bangs too.

9 Graduate bob

This haircut suits best women with round faces and thick hair, in addition to being incredibly trendy. Graduate bob is for girls who do not want a major hair makeover but still craves something new.Plus, it is so versatile and easy to style in the morning.

10 Chic side-swept bangs

If angled bangs are not your thing, consider chic side-swept bangs. This haircut looks impressive and complementing and is a great addition to your round face. Long, side-swept bangs can frame and flatter your face at the same time.

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Just like makeup can hide your imperfections and enhance your look, so can certain haircuts. Depending on your face shape, it is important to choose the haircut that will not destroy your hair beauty and overall look.

After all, a beautiful haircut is more than simply a few snips. Think twice before trying a hairstyle that is actually perfect for oval faces. Experiments are great, but sometimes they are disappointing. What is your favorite haircut?

FAQ About How to Choice Haircuts for Round Faces

What are Some Cute Haircuts for Round Faces?

There are many cute haircuts for round faces that can accentuate your facial features. Some popular options include short pixie cuts, layered bobs, angled bobs, and long layered cuts with side-swept bangs.

Are Bangs Suitable for Round Faces?

Yes, bangs can look great on round faces. However, it’s important to choose the right type of bangs to complement your facial structure. Side-swept bangs, long layered bangs, or curtain bangs are some options that work well for round faces.

Is it Better to Have Long or Short Hair for a Round Face?

Both long and short hair can work well for round faces, as long as they are cut and styled to flatter your facial structure. Shorter haircuts that add height on top can create the illusion of a longer face, while longer layered cuts with side-swept bangs can elongate the face.

Can I Still Have a Bob with a Round Face?

Yes, bobs can look great on round faces, as long as they are cut in a way that complements your facial structure. Angled bobs, layered bobs, or bobs with side-swept bangs can help elongate the face and create a flattering shape.

Should I Avoid Certain Hairstyles with a Round Face?

While there are no hard and fast rules, it’s generally recommended to avoid hairstyles that add volume at the sides of the face, such as full curls or wide bangs. These styles can make the face appear wider. Instead, opt for hairstyles that add volume at the top or crown of the head.