7 Things to Do After Giving a Two-Weeks Notice

Many people are afraid to quit a job because this emotionally difficult process often gives birth to the fear of uncertainty, financial instability and doubts in their hearts. It usually happens, because we don’t like radical changes that make us step out of the comfort zone and start all over again.

The process of quitting a job will be less painful, challenging and problematic if you behave during the two-weeks period correctly. Follow these seven tips to help you set old affairs in order, overcome insecurity, tune your mind to the positive and focus on starting a new job.

1 Do everything to make your resignation less painful

Your resignation may be a stressful event for your colleagues, especially if you are the key performer and much depends on you. Your aim is to leave the company without turning the life of your colleagues into a big challenge.

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Offer your assistance in training a new employee and do your best to help them get into the swing of work in a quite short period of time. If your job is stressful, difficult and important, you can write a small guide to avoiding troubles and acting in challenging situations.