10 Things Every Woman Should Remember about Career

Dec 11, 2018

Despite a large number of female executives in high-powered positions, many people still view the business world as a man’s game. However, many of the most powerful jobs in business are now occupied by women. Moreover, a large number of multi-million dollar companies were founded by female entrepreneurs.

Whether you are just starting out on your career journey or are the head of your own company, the following list gives 10 things every businesswoman should remember when it comes to their career.

1 A mentor can help jump start your career

Many of the most successful women attribute their success to having a mentor to guide them through the tough times. A good mentor can help you avoid any pitfalls at the start of your career as well as help you develop a long-term plan.

2 You may earn less than your male counterparts

The wage gap is still in existence in certain industries, and you may need to accept the fact that you will earn a lower paycheck than men. Once you have a solid work record behind you can begin to negotiate a better salary.

3 You will have to play the game

Business is a game and your ultimate success will depend on how well you know the rules. Wining and dining potential clients, taking risks and networking are just a few of the things you can expect to do on an almost daily basis.

4 Confidence is key

Confidence in your abilities is perhaps the most important attribute for both men and women. Projecting an air of confidence allows potential clients to put their faith in you and will encourage managers to trust you with important projects.

5 You do not have to compete with men

If you work in a predominantly male environment, you may feel the need to adopt certain practices in order to fit in. Just because the majority of your office hits the bar after work does not mean you have to participate, and you will be far happier staying within your comfort zone.

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6 You may encounter sexism

Sexism in the workplace is no longer a common occurrence, but it does still happen. You could find yourself being constantly overlooked for promotion or you may be on the receiving end of some inappropriate comments. Always report sexist behavior to a manager immediately or contact your human resources department.

7 Knowledge is power

Knowing as much as possible about your job and chosen industry will give you a distinct advantage over your competitors. Take the time to read at least one industry publication each week and stay up to date on any new developments.

8 You need to know how to be assertive

Assertiveness and aggression are two entirely different things and you will need to master the former if you wish to succeed. A certain level of assertiveness is essential to be able to stand up for yourself and get your voice heard. Assertive people are also viewed as being more confident and capable. Even if you are shy, you can still learn how to become more assertive.

9 Business is a boys’ club

Certain jobs such as finance are still male-dominated industries that can be intimidating. Many firms operate a boys’ club mentality that can be difficult to break into as a female. If you are determined to succeed in a particular field, then hard work and dedication are all you need to achieve your goal.

10 Your well-being is important

Taking care of yourself is vital for your long-term career success. Learn to recognize the warning signs of extreme stress and immediately reduce your workload if you find yourself becoming overwhelmed. Take time out with your family and friends to forget about work for a few hours each day and concentrate on your personal relationships.

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In order to succeed in business, you need to come up with a clear plan. Figure out what you have to do to reach your long-term goal and start taking steps to make it happen. Even if you suffer setbacks at the start of your career, these will all form part of a learning experience that will set you on the path to professional success.