7 Ways to Boost Your Career When Everyone Is Against It

Mar 20, 2016

“When everyone is against you, it means that you are absolutely wrong – or absolutely right.” – Albert Guinon

Nowadays millions of people have an opportunity to boost their careers, but most of them fail to do it. The reason is that too many people are envious and self-centered. Now I work from home, but earlier I spent many hours sitting in the office and making my boss richer. I decided to be my own boss, because almost everyone, including my employer, was against my promotion and self-development.

Office life is not as terrible though. Its quality and comfort depend on the company’s standards and rules. But every office worker struggles to make their office life more comfortable, especially when others are against them. You do not have to go against the stream or declare war. Just follow these pieces of advice and reconsider your office life.

1 Show your boss that you are totally immersed in work

If your boss is an extremely demanding person, who cannot imagine a productive day without breathing down the employees’ necks, do not fall into despondency. Every manager worries about the quality of work and they often do all possible and impossible things to get a desirable result.

There are many tricks that can soften the boss up and relieve the tension during the working process. If you want to move the situation off dead center, let your over-anxious boss feel that everything is under control and there is no risk of miscarriage. Do not fear to ask them for advice. These gestures will show them that you are plunged into work.

2 Reduce noise in the office

It is difficult to work and focus on tasks when your colleagues discuss their life experiences and issues aloud. Sometimes this background noise can drive you crazy and affect your productivity, especially if you are responsible for creative projects.

You cannot give orders, but suggestions will never hurt. Offer your colleagues to discuss everything and share stuff in a group IM, or during the lunchtime, or consider working from home.

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3 Ask your boss to let you work distantly

Nowadays electronic technologies allow people to carry out their duties remotely. Unfortunately, many bosses do not support this initiative and explain that office work is an essential part of corporate culture. In fact, a corporate culture does not require employees to work in the office.

If your boss does not let you work from home, you can do two things. You can either earn a good reputation and win the trust of your boss or accept the situation and leave the job.

4 Spend your lunchtime the way you like

According to a corporate culture of many companies, it is recommended to lunch with colleagues. It gives you a chance to communicate with your colleagues and make new acquaintances. When I was an office worker, I preferred to spend my lunchtime alone.

I analyzed the first half of the day and decided what to do during the second one. When I wanted to have fun and discuss something, I joined the team. By all means, you should not become the slave of a corporate culture, but do what you like during the lunchtime.

5 Organize and modify your workplace yourself

If you are a newcomer and not a member of a big company, then in most cases your workplace is not as comfortable as wanted. Life is unfair, but it does not mean that you are doomed to suffer from uncomfortable furniture and torture your back.

If you find your workplace uncomfortable, consider buying a back friendly work chair and enjoy your work in front of the computer. Do not bear discomfort and try not to save on your comfort, because your health plays an important role in your success level.

6 Simplify the process of cooperation with foreign partners

Many office workers are responsible for cooperation with foreign companies. It means that they have to communicate with their partners either early in the morning or late at night due to the time differences.

If you do not want to waste time commuting to your office late at night, you should convince your boss that you can communicate with foreign partners from your home office. Show your boss that you are highly interested in cooperating with foreign partners and you are able to succeed in it.

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7 Let your boss know about your creativity preferences

Brainstorming and collective thinking are keys to success. But if you are an introvert, you will find it difficult to create something new and express your point of view in a big group of people.

Generation of creative ideas is a challenging and independent process that requires full focus. If you can give birth to unbelievably creative ideas only in silence or small groups of coworkers, you should tell about your personal creativity preferences to your boss.

These pieces of advice will hopefully help improve your office work conditions and reach the success you deserve. Just overcome the fear of communication with your boss. What else can make your office work more qualitative and easier?