9 Words That Will Help You Win Any Argument

We all have arguments every now and then. Competitive people have them more often, because arguments are an irreplaceable part of everyone`s life. Of course, you want to be a winner in these situations but how to do that? No matter if you`re proving that you didn`t break any rules to a police officer or just can`t make your boyfriend realize that this TV show is worth watching together, here you have a few simple words that`ll help you be the winner in any argument…

1 Distinction

It means the difference between concepts or people you`re having an argument about. Some people like to confuse things and they think that completely different things mean the same. They base their arguments on these wrong beliefs so if you notice this, you can say that they`d better distinct the things they`re trying to prove to you.

2 Superficial

This word defines concepts that look true only when you start looking at the details of them. Therefore, if your opponent’s statements of the argument sound like something that seems to be true only on the surface, you may call their words superficial.

3 Premise

It means the reason of an argument. If someone tells you that you can`t do something the way you do it, you can just ask them to give you the premise. In fact, you ask them to tell why they want you to change the way you do something and what facts they can give you to prove it.

4 Inconsistent

It means that the words of your opponent are contradicted. It often happens so that girls say a lot and then they even forget what they`ve started from. If you notice that a person you have an argument with says something that contradicts their previous words, you may say that their arguments are inconsistent.

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5 Faulty

Faulty simply means ‘you’re not right.’ If they say you something that`s wrong and has no logical connection, you shouldn`t offend a person by saying that their words are stupid. Try to be tolerant and say that things they are talking about are faulty and aren`t logically based. This way, you will be the winner without fighting for hours.

6 Evading

Evading is a skill to avoid giving a direct answer to questions. When a person realizes that you`re really right but still can`t admit it, they may try to trick you by giving indistinct answers to reasonable questions that show their guilt. If you don`t get a direct reply to your questions, you should say they`re evading the question so there`s nothing else for you to talk about at all.

7 Generalization

Generalization means an ability to talk about something definite in general and to ignore the current situation you`re talking about. When someone says that all artists are just useless users of people`s resources and bring nothing important into this world, you can mention that this generalization isn`t fair as people are different and saying that profession defines a person is wrong indeed.

8 Incompetent

Being incompetent means having not enough knowledge or skills in some sphere. People often try to teach someone who actually knows more about it thus if your opponent doesn`t know what they`re talking about, you can definitely dare to say they`re too incompetent to try to prove their right to you in this situation.

9 Assertion

This is the word that says you strongly believe that what you`re telling is true. People often use wrong assertions and try to confuse you with them but you shouldn`t give them any chance to do that. If they believe in something it`s their business and it doesn`t mean that you should share it with them. If you see they`re trying to impose you their own point of view, say that you just don`t think their assertion is true.

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We often encounter arguments where we know that we`re right but can`t prove it. We simply can`t explain something but fortunately, now you know the words that`ll help you win any argument. Next time you`ll need to prove your rightness, you`ll have something smart to say thus you can be more confident. But my strong advise for you is to avoid arguments at all when it`s possible because people just get the valuable energy out of you thanks to arguments so if you know you words are true, just let others think what they want. Either way, you know you`re right. What other simple yet useful words can help us to be the winner in any argument? Share your advice in our comment section, please.