7 Career Struggles Women Face Today

Oct 10, 2016

When it comes to career, women and men are believed to be equal to get a raise, start a business, become a leader, and of course, reach success. While this fact is true, there is still a feeling of a gender gap, especially when it comes to a paycheck. When you are a woman, climbing the corporate ladder may still be a challenge to you.

Unlike our male counterparts, we, women, face a few major obstacles that prevent us from achieving success with little stress. Here are career struggles women face today and the opinions of experts about why a gender gap keeps existing.

1 Support

Many female entrepreneurs and ordinary girls who are trying to gain a respect in the career world lack a support and appreciation. Not only do men perceive us as a sensitive and weak gender, but other women, particularly those who are not interested in climbing the corporate ladder or simply fail to become successful, try to discourage us.

It is crucially important for women to build connections, and have trusted networks and advisors, in order to succeed in the career driven world. The CEO of DyMynd, Carolyn Leonard said wisely, “We are late to the game, and we have to support each other by developing strong ‘girls clubs.” This is a key step to success.