The Truth of Life: Success Comes with Tenacity

Oct 21, 2022

A few days ago, while strolling through the park with my friend, I saw a man jogging nearby. His back was covered by an interesting tattoo. I couldn’t understand the meaning of that tattoo, because it was written in Latin. But I did a little research and found out that his tattoo meant, “Success comes with tenacity.” At first I didn’t set great store by the meaning of that tattoo, but now I’d like to reflect on this point, because the problem of diffidence and total inaction in this modern world is of current importance. People should know the secrets on how to get closer to success no matter what. Unfortunately, they have a tendency to lose heart every time they face the surprises of this harsh world.

I think that life troubles are not a verdict, but just situations that can strengthen your will. By all means, avoid despondency, as it steals your life energy and faith in a wonderful future. When I feel that something is going wrong in my life, I have a habit to tack about and move on. I’ll always find resources and people to help me fulfill my ideas.

If you need constant motivation, you can also make a thematic tattoo on your body. It will remind you about your life motto every time you look at it. But this is a secondary tool. The main point is your mindset, because everything depends on the way of your thinking. The sooner you understand that the only key to success is a strong power of will, the quicker you’ll succeed. Small, but effective self-cultivation will teach you to never give up and will make you wiser.

Human Abilities Are Limitless

Nowadays many people cannot make a progress, because they underestimate the potential of human mind and body. According to the research, human brain doesn’t work at full capacity. Scientists prove that the brain of an average person uses nearly 3-5% of its abilities. But when you think and do something, the activity of your brain increases. Consequently, those people who think a lot and develop their abilities daily have more chances to succeed.

Have you ever imagined what abilities people would have if they used their brains to their full capacity? I think they would fly or read the thoughts of other people. I’ve noticed an interesting thing. When I feel blue or worried, my brain becomes extremely productive. I can easily find solutions to different issues and cope with a large amount of information. Now I know that my brain is capable of more than I realize.

My granny always taught me to do as much things as possible in my early life, because my future depends on the things I’ve done in present moments of life. She told that life could open up all the roads to me if I made enough efforts to succeed in something. I’d like everyone to believe in their abilities and work a lot, because the path to success can be thorny and enduring.

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Don’t Think Too Much, Just Act!

My friend is a born analyst. She has a habit to analyze and mull over everything that happens in her life, especially problems. I always advise her to screw up courage and act, instead of focusing on unnecessary info that has a retarding effect on her personal development. She cannot follow my advice, because she’s the one who wants to get everything in life at once, but it happens very rare. I’m sure that every job or other life affairs require us to go through various difficulties.

The process of overcoming barriers has two stages: mental and physical. The first stage includes mental work. You have to sum up your thoughts and create a plan of certain actions that will help you achieve desirable results. Moreover, it’s important to clear your mind of negative and obsessive thoughts, because uncontrolled flow of thoughts can completely confuse you. The second stage demands concrete actions and physical efforts in order to make your plan a reality. Step by step, your persistent actions will lead to positive results and improvement. No matter what type of temperament you have, persistent work is a guarantee of your success.

Even when I get upset, I remember the favorite phrase of my former teacher, “Deeds, not words.” I always go forward, because my choice is to live like a champion.

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Ask for Help

Sometimes people go through the times when it’s extremely hard to break the ice without somebody’s help or support. As far as I know, human brain has a direct communication with the universe. All human thoughts and desires turn into signals. The universe can assist in everything and create conditions for you to reach your goals. All you have to do is to visualize your success and imagine that your life is changing for better. If you lack imagination and motivation, then try to create a visualization board. Hang it in front of your work place and you’ll have an opportunity to see and visualize your dreams during the whole day.

Many of my friends try to draw inspiration and power to live with a help of meditation and yoga techniques. They find mediation an essential part of their mental development. Furthermore, it motivates them to lead active and healthy lifestyle. They say that today it’s very important to keep control of thoughts and mediation is the best way to be on the positive wave.

When I’m confused and don’t know how to behave in different situations, I often ask the heavens for help. I’ve understood that without certain actions and faith in myself, nothing will get the ball rolling. When I blame somebody for something, I feel that I hurt myself and people around me.

I’ve always wondered why people realize the simple truths of life better, when they fall in despair. Why not follow the rules and improve your life, when everything is okay? It seems I know the answer to this complicated question. When everything is wonderful, people cannot understand and accept simple and true things due to the influence of fears. Various fears make us confused and uncertain. In moments of solitude and despair, human conscious mind is able to perceive the truth more effectively.

In conclusion, I’d like to say that nothing is impossible in this life. Every time I face problems, I remember that success comes with tenacity. I won’t get anything, until I make enough efforts. The more I want, the more I have to work. No matter how many tears or pain the success costs, I try to take courage in both hands and fight for it. How do you motivate yourself when you decide to do something significant? Share your experiences!