Could More Money Really Lead to More Problems?

We all have that financial utopian dream of having so much money that we will be able to live a luxurious and care-free life. It is the belief that if we have more money we will solve all of our problems, such as cutting the nooses of mortgages, college loans and retirement funds that are tightly bound around our necks. However, can we escape that fantasy for one minute to consider the possibility that Ralph Waldo Emmerson had it right when he stated that money often costs too much?

We find ourselves in a world that is driven by success and money – yet, this can also mean we are too self-involved with our personal goals to realize what it is doing to our lives and the people in it.

As our independence and financial success increases, we suddenly find that what is happening and advancing in our lives is more important than what is happening and advancing in our loved ones’ lives – whether it is good or bad.

The possibility of our personal lives changing is enormous and at the end of the day, we will have to weigh each one of the following sacrifices against the thrill of having a room full of large and stuffed green bags with dollar signs on it. The question is: Could more money really lead to more problems?

1 Marriage

It is no surprise that CNBC reported the money as the main contributor towards stress in the marriage back in 2014. How can it not be? Money touches everything. It is money that will test the resilience of your marriage with its crucible of possible hidden transactions and true intentions.

You have to remember it will be a whole new ballgame for you and your loved one to deal with as the dynamics drastically change, especially if you are a woman. Yes, we are unfortunately still struggling with men who are still of the opinion that women should only cook, clean and take care of the children. If women do better, their counterparts feel insecure, insignificant and inadequate.

It will be up to you to make him or her feel secure enough, remind them that they will always come first and mean it. It will most likely be that the pressure you experience at work will increase, but that should not influence the time and effort you put into the relationship. If you do not show your loved one how important they still are for you, you will without a doubt grow apart and unfortunately, forget about all the great things that bonded you two together.

A successful solution to salvage or even to prevent disaster for when your ship does come in is to sit together and work on a strong budgeting and savings strategy. Have a goal in mind and work towards that. A successful financial increase does not have to break something good apart, make it fun and make it achievable – you are partners in this together.