8 Reasons That Make Me Consider Divorce as a Viable Option

Aug 1, 2017

Almost a full seven years ago, I said “I do” to a man I thought I would love forever. I guess I still love the big lug, but there are certainly days where I completely understand what made some wives snap and bludgeon their husbands to death. Not that I am condoning that by any stretch, but when you have been married a while, that rosy honeymoon glow fades away fast.

What you are left with is a man-child who makes you wonder how in the world you chose to spend your life with him. With my husband, there are a great many things he does that make me consider divorce. Here they are in no particular order.

1 He snores

He was not always like this but somewhere in the midst of our marriage, my husband’s gentle light snore turned into a full-on rumble that sounds like a bear sucking the curtains from our windows.

2 He shouts in his sleep

While sometimes this one is comical, especially when he cheers for soccer in Chinese whilst dreaming away, he usually wakes our youngest and then I have to put her back to sleep. Lucky me.

3 He chews and slurps like a wild animal

I get it that in his culture, eating habits are very different. But we have lived in America for two years now. Even our daughters tell him when he is eating like a pig.

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4 He criticizes whether I do things or not

My husband could ask me why I do not buy more chicken, for example. So I will go buy chicken and cook it for dinner. When he gets home, he will get angry that I bought chicken. Sigh.

5 He loudly sings while I am sleeping

I have always told my husband if he loves me, he would let me sleep. Apparently, he does not love me because he will sing and hum in the bedroom while I am sleeping (or attempting to sleep in any event).

6 He makes epic messes in the kitchen

Perhaps I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth since my husband does like to cook. However, when he does, he somehow manages to use every single piece of cookware in the kitchen. And he gets grease on the floor! Ugh!

7 He always takes the last of something

Recently, I made spicy chicken wings. My husband snarfed almost all of them down. Each time my butt slightly touched the chair, he asked me for something else. By the time I sat down and managed to eat just 2 of them, he ate the remaining ones, never caring I was hungry.

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8 He purposely interrupts my creativity

As a writer, my creativity flows like water. Sometimes it is running full blast while other times, it is dripping. But however it is flowing, when I am busy working, I do not want to be interrupted. My husband sees nothing wrong with declaring lame things like, “I am hungry,” or “I am tired” while I am working.

Divorce is not the best option, but sometimes you can’t think about anything else but it. How about you? Can you relate?