5 Reasons to Have Open Access to Your Spouse’s Social Media Accounts

Oct 1, 2016

Good marriages are hard. Good marriages also take work, but, on this day of all too many divorces putting all of your efforts into your marriage is a skill that is often dismissed. Ladies, divorce is even harder, especially when children are involved, so there are numerous reasons to make your marriage work.

When you decide that your marriage is a top priority for you and your spouse, you need to be willing to do a few things that may seem trivial or unnecessary. For example, if neither of you have ever cheated, why does it matter if you have some privacy?

Let me tell you that one of the main areas that needs to be addressed is social media, as well as all forms of digital access that you, and your spouse use. You need to know one and other’s passwords, have an understanding that you both have free reign to pick up the other one’s tablet, smartphone or laptop and peruse at any time.

1 It keeps you both accountable

Every marriage, even the best ones have problems. There will come a time, I promise you, that you and your spouse will hit a rough patch. It never fails that may also be the same time that an old high school boyfriend happens to reach out on Facebook, just to say, ‘hi.’

There is no problem with a quick reminiscent chat with that old highschool flame, right? Well, depending on the depth of that rough patch you have hit with your spouse it can be all too easy to allow innocent flirting to start and an emotional bond to begin to weave its magic again. You both are less likely to allow this to happen if you know that your spouse can easily see this at any time.

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2 It provides a sense of security

Picture this if you will. Your spouse has been acting a bit strangely. You cannot put your finger on what but you are on high alert, especially since your best friend just found out that there is some infidelity going on in her marriage.

Just knowing that you have full access to all accounts and in a matter of 10 minutes, you can scan everything may be just enough to avoid some ill-founded accusations and ease your mind.

3 It protects you

This one may sound a bit strange, but it is true. Let’s go back to that scenario of the highschool flame connection. You have done nothing wrong but now the old flame will not stop harassing you. By having full access to your accounts your spouse can easily see what has transpired and either offer tips to fix the problem or jump in and fix it him/herself.

4 There is a level of trust that needs to exist

Here is an interesting thought for you. If you had full access to all of your spouse’s passwords and accounts, would you actually utilize it unless you truly felt that there was a reason for concern? I have to say I can access anything my husband does online but I have rarely had the occasion to do so because there is trust there.

I know that I have the ability to but that does not mean I am going to. I truly feel he has a right to his own privacy, but if for some reason I was concerned about something, just knowing that I have access is often enough, without even snooping.

5 It is convenient

Provided you don’t have some kind of top notch security clearance at your job, there may come a time when you have preceded your spouse out the door yet left an important digital item at home. Or, your face book account may have gotten hacked but your work policy does not allow you access so you could ask your spouse to log in and suspend things for a bit.

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We often have no problems sharing our financial information with our spouses, as most of us have a number of joint accounts; however, we balk when it comes to our “personal” sharing. If we really look at the “why” behind our desire not to share, we may find our motives a bit selfish.

Please know that it is not wise to share your information if you are in an abusive relationship or a non-committed and unmarried relationship, but for the rest of us in solid working marriages, these five reasons to have access to your spouse’s social media accounts can often be a huge help to keeping a marriage safe.