Social Media: Why I Took a Vacation from It Today

It seems not long ago, everybody dreamt about virtual reality. Many people suffered from lack of communication and poor informational resources in the Internet. As the time went on, the development of information technologies moved to a new stage. Nowadays, the Internet offers a great variety of social media and other informational resources that have already replaced real communication and entertainment by virtual ones. Each day people spend hours visiting social networks, playing computer games and communicating with virtual interlocutors.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a bit old-fashioned person and I prefer active way of spending time together with real people to sitting in front of the computer and chatting with somebody. I think that people just don’t admit that they’re becoming the Internet slaves. They cannot imagine their modern life without everyday usage of computers. They don’t accept that social media can damage both physical and mental well-being.

Unfortunately, there’re only a few friends in my circle of contacts who have never tried to register in social networks. A few years ago, I couldn’t understand their decision, but now I realize that these guys are the happiest people in the world. Their wise decision helped them prevent the negative influence of social media on their lives.

Here are a few reasons why I took a vacation from social media and why I recommend you to do the same. I believe that the only way out is to delete our social network accounts and return to a real and active life.

Social Media Makes My Life Accessible to Others

Do you think that the information about your personality should be open to general use? I’ve weighed all pros and cons and came to a conclusion that I need to take a vacation from social media. I’m not a public person and I don’t like when others, especially strangers, start commenting my actions or photos since these comments can turn into gossips and it can seriously damage my reputation.

I think that the more information you add to your social network accounts, the less secure you may feel, because the info about your personality and your lifestyle can be freely used by your enemies or evil-wishers. If you want to be successful and enjoy your life, you should keep it as private as possible. Don’t let someone’s negative opinion or gibe spoil your mood.

Social Media Can Lead to Informational Overload

I’m not a doctor, but I’ve noticed that social media exerts negative influence on my health. When I spend too much time on social media, I feel emotionally exhausted, as it’s extremely difficult to handle and analyze an enormous amount of information that either stimulates or depresses my brain activity. It’s easy to get used to a constant flow of information, but still I find it difficult to calm down, because my body can’t handle stress. Studies show that human body gets used to a hyperactive style of information perception very quickly and social media allows us to operate a big amount of things simultaneously. When working on the computer, I can listen to music, type a message and dial my friend’s number at the same time. Various tasks during the day overload my brain and make me feel overexcited. This emotional tension often causes insomnia.

People who spend a lot of time surfing the Internet can become addicted to social media. It’s not just a habit, but a serious disorder that should be treated immediately, because the brain needs more and more information to analyze and think over.

Thanks God, I’m not addicted to the Internet, and I understand that it’s crucial to take a vacation from Facebook every now and then. If you want to be healthy, you should always know when to stop. This is my new life motto that motivates me to reach my goals safely.

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It Steals My Time

Every time I take a vacation from social media, I get more things done in a day. Have you ever noticed how many hours you usually spend surfing social media? If you spend two hours a day, then you lose the whole month every year. Why not use this time to do things you really love?

Social media is extremely absorbing, because it’s very difficult to control the time, when you’re chatting with somebody or watching their photos. It seems that time flies like a bullet, when you’re interested in something. I usually set reminders on my phone to control the time. I suggest you to try this trick as well. If you stop using social media on a regular basis, you’ll have more free time during the day. Try to fill your day with different activities. It will help you resist the temptation to enter your social network accounts.

People with extraordinary will power can do this at once. Those who cannot resist temptation should try to reduce the number of hours they spend on social media. Open your eyes and look at the world around you. Do your best to use your valuable time wisely. Read a good book or spend some quality time with your best friends. It will help you solve your problems and give inspiration to set new priorities and build plans.

In conclusion, I’d like to say that social media is not my choice. I’ve understood that this tempting and pointless way of spending time makes me depressive and prevents me from living a happy and active life. If you still hesitate, then listen to your heart. Make an experiment and try to live at least one month without social media. You will see and feel the difference, I promise! Do you think your life without social media is better? Share your thoughts with us, please.