5 Reasons to Stop Following Fitness Gurus on Social Media

Is your Instagram feed flowing with photos of spandex, motivational quotes about exercise, and quinoa recipes? If so, it might be time to take a small step back and refocus your fitness goals. It is not that following fitness gurus on social media is an entirely bad thing. But you know what they say about too much of a good thing. Here are some of the reasons why you should unfollow these folks.

1 Overly trendy workouts

Every fitness guru on social media has endless videos of exercises you “need” to be doing to be less of a chunkster, but many of these exercises are too advanced for the rest of the world. Think of those handstand push-ups. Or that one fitness guru who jumps over the swings and her running children in the playground without tripping or gasping for air.

2 Comparing apples to oranges

The fitness gurus we often look up to lead very different lives than us. When we can’t achieve the things they achieve, it makes us become critical of ourselves. Do not compare your accomplishments to theirs. If you find yourself constantly having that hyper-critical feeling, especially when looking at certain fitness gurus, it is time to remove them from your feed.

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3 Too much inspiration is a major demotivator

While some inspiration serves us well, being stuck in a pit of inspiration at every corner can actually have the opposite effect. When there is too much of it, it drags us down into negativity because we go back to comparing ourselves against people whose hobbies include fitness 24 hours a day.

4 Workout overkill

Unless you are a personal trainer or a body builder, working out all hours of the day is not feasible, or practical. So when the fitness gurus post ten different workout videos a day, it might make you feel a bit worthless that you have not done any of them because you are shackled to your desk at work still. By the time you get home, when you try to do one of them, you realize it is one of those insanely trendy moves from reason #1 above and you lose all motivation completely.

5 Measly meal plans

Follow more people who post nutritious meals than those fitness gurus that post their bird food all day. Sure, kale is healthy and delicious too, but a whole feed full of kale photos is pure agony.

Fitness is about you and your goals. It is great to find some inspiration from fitness gurus on social media, but take it all with a grain of salt. Most of them are not dietitians or actual fitness experts. They are just other people who happen to be coltishly involved in fitness and hope to spread their love of exercise to others.

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The thing is though that we all have our own motivations and goals. It is great if we can find a fitness guru or two that is in line with those goals. Stick to following the few that really speak to your soul.

Do you follow fitness gurus on social media? Has it helped you reach your goals?