4 Strategies for Fitness Junkies to Survive Halloween

It happens every year. Fall begins and you are doing great on your fitness goals. You are exercising regularly, eating healthy, and keeping that summer body intact. And then it happens. Jack o lanterns, ghosts, and skulls start popping up.

The seasonal aisle in your grocery store becomes fraught with temptation. And the next thing you know, you have fallen face first into a pile of mini candy bars and candy corn. Read on for some tips to avoid the sweets free-for-all this Halloween if you worry about your fitness goals.

1 Eat before you go

Fill up on healthy foods before you head out to your costume party or take the kids trick or treating. If you are full, you will be less likely to start eating everything in sight.

If you are hungry, you might justify that candy bar because it has peanuts, which are totally healthy and you need the energy to survive, right? No. You know that one mini candy bar will turn into 20 by the time you get home, so do not go in hungry.

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2 Go out

Do not hide away during the Halloween fun. Instead of hiding, take the long way while you trick or treat so you can get some extra steps in. Challenge your kids to a race or go on a scavenger hunt while you are out.

Going to a party? Dancing burns a lot of calories! Get up and move around instead of hanging out by the food table. Make the focus on friends and family and not on the endless treats.

3 Hide the candy

If you are staying home to hand out candy, then you have one job. Hide that candy. Do not let it come out before October 31st (or whenever your town does trick or treat night.) Out of sight, out of mind really does work.

You will be much less likely to indulge if you do not have a bowl of candy to walk by every day. This will probably save you money in the long run because if you eat all the candy before Halloween, you will have to buy another bag (or two.)

4 Continue hiding the candy (or donate it)

So you survived Halloween but there is still a bounty of candy at home. Your kids came home with quite a haul or you have a ton of leftover candy that did not get handed out. Put that candy back in the pantry or freezer because it will not get easier to avoid just because it is now November.

If you can’t stand to have candy in your house, you can donate it to a good cause instead of trashing it. Children’s charities, nursing homes, and overseas troops all accept Halloween candy and will help make someone else’s life a little sweeter.

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So what happens if you follow these tips and you still overindulge on Halloween? It is okay. Really. We all do it from time and time and there is no need to feel guilty. None! You are a human who sometimes needs 45 pieces of candy, ok?

Even avid fitness junkies overindulge at times. Pick yourself back up, dust off the candy wrappers and start over. Head to the gym, make healthy food choices and get back on the wagon.