6 Crazily Fun Ways to Spend Halloween with Your Hubby

It is finally time to put out the jack o’ lanterns and ghosts! Hooray! As Halloween approaches though, you might be wondering what you can do with your husband to celebrate the holiday. I mean besides not actually stabbing him when he leaves his socks in the middle of the living room AGAIN.

No, no, no. I am talking wholesome fun Halloween activities you can do with him. Though do feel free to smack him on the butt with that fake butcher’s knife you got from the Halloween decorations at the party store. That is always fun. Here is more fun the two of you can have.

1 Have a scary movie date night

Netflix and THRILL for the win! Take turns choosing scary movies to watch with each other. Turn out the lights and set the scene for screams. Just be sure the kids are sound asleep. You do not want them walking in, seeing something spooky and then whining all night every night for the next month.

2 Make Halloween treats together

One of the best parts about Halloween is all the spooky treats you can make and then eat. Bake them up together, and then feed them to each other. Either save some for the kids or destroy the evidence or else you will have to hear about it forever.

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3 Pick a pumpkin

You can let the kids tag along on this mission. Head to your local pumpkin patch and have some fun picking out the best pumpkin. Then go home and carve that sucker up.

4 Head to a haunted house

Do you like being scared? Research shows that sharing an adrenaline rush with your love will bring you closer together. So if you really feel like killing him over those socks, take his hand and walk into the spookiness together. You will find that you forgive that big old lug for his many imperfections.

5 Choose matching costumes

No, you do not need to be Raggedy Ann and Andy. Nor do you need to make him the rear end of the horse costume (though that might be perfectly fitting). But choosing coordinating costumes together will help strengthen your bond and add some silliness to your lives, and in the world of marriage, being able to interject some silliness is crucial.

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6 Go to a Halloween party

Get Grandma and Grandpa to watch the kids or hire a sitter and go have some fun at a Halloween party. Get into character with your costumes and enjoy the one night of the year when you can pretend to be someone (or something) else. No one throwing a party? Why not throw one of your own? There is much wicked fun you can plan!

When you are married, you tend to forget about spending the holidays as a couple. Halloween is just as romantic for the couples as Valentine’s Day. Have fun! How will you spend Halloween with your husband? Tell us!