7 Ways Technology Ruins Your Relationship

We live in the high-technology world full of wonderful gadgets that make our lives simpler. When it comes to building a strong and healthy relationship, technology may play a fatal role. Each day I see many couples sitting in a cafe or park and each of partners looking at their tablets and phones. We often spend more time with our gadgets than with our partners and complain about relationship problems.

Communication is one of the most important things in any relationship. It helps build a happy relationship and start a happy family. Just ask your grandma about how she spent her youth without modern gadgets and how she met your grandfather. I’m more than sure that she will tell you that her youth wasn’t boring and the dates she had with your grandpa were fun and happy. Stop updating your social media accounts each day. Instead, spend more time communicating with your significant other. Here are seven ways technology ruins your relationship:

1 Online flirting

Flirting online is a good way to kill time and make new friends. However, it’s also a number one killer of even the strongest and happiest relationship. My neighbor, who had been with his ex-wife for more than 20 years, found his second love online. This second love wasn’t successful and he couldn’t make up with his ex wife so now he is absolutely lonely. If your partner is talking intimately to his female friend online, you may think it’s not cheating, but you don’t know what will happen tomorrow.

2 Video game addiction

If your partner spends too much time playing video games, it’s a warning sign. Studies show that many couples break up because of video game addiction. Women can also become addicted to video games so pay attention to how much time you spend playing games daily. But the best thing you and your partner can do is to go for a walk and have a small picnic in the park, without any video games and “smart” devices.

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3 Health

It’s not a secret that technology affects our health, especially mental health. You may become anxious, nervous and depressed because of technology. You may snap at your partner when you don’t really mean to, and this can ruin your relationship. Try to unplug from TV, tablet, computer, and smartphone use as often as possible to save your relationship and health.

4 Phone addiction

Are you addicted to your smartphone? Does your partner spend too much time with his phone? Phone addiction is a common thing these days. Many people are trying to get rid of this addiction but it’s not that easy. Recently I had a trip and stayed in a hostel with a couple who spent the whole evening looking at their phones. I couldn’t even speak to them because they were busy with their gadgets. Do you think their relationship will last for long? I think no. Turn off your phones every time you spend time together to improve your relationship.

5 Fights

Fighting with your partner is okay at times, but when you fight with him over technology it’s not healthy. Not only do you waste your precious time on the unimportant things like snooping into your partner’s social media account or his or your friends’ pages, Facebook stalking his ex’s girlfriend or your ex’s new girlfriend, and going through your partner’s phone.

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6 Affects your sleep patterns

Whether you suffer from insomnia or your partner has trouble falling asleep every other night, it may be because of technology. Checking your phone or tablet right before sleep is a bad habit that can affect your relationship as well as your sex life. Watching TV before going to bed is a bad habit too.

7 You share too many details on social media

Nowadays it’s trendy to share each detail of your life on social media. But before posting any intimate details of your relationship, consider how your significant other will feel about that. You should also avoid posting any details of your fights. Keep things private to have a long and happy relationship.

Although technology has many benefits, it has much more disadvantages. Use it wisely to avoid any misunderstandings, fights and other problems in your relationship. After all, what’s is more important your expensive smartphone or your partner? Remember, technology addiction is similar to drug cravings – it can ruin your whole life.