5 Most Annoying Habits of Men

Oct 26, 2022

Nowadays many women waste time dreaming about a knight in shining armor. They cannot realize that even knights are mere men who’re full of advantages and disadvantages. I’ve done my own research for all women to understand that almost all men have the same annoying habits. If you think that you can easily reeducate and change your man, then you’re seriously mistaken. You can surf the Internet for hours, looking for effective ways to make your man get rid of these habits. I advise you to accept this fact, because indifference, carelessness and simple manner of life are significant parts of men’s nature.

But it doesn’t mean that women should give in and refuse to stand their ground. I think constant rivalry between men and women keeps the spark alive in their relationships. Wise women know that sometimes it’s necessary to close eyes to their husbands’ bad habits. If you find the bad habits of your man extremely annoying, you should try to solve this problem together. By all means, avoid criticism and blame, if you really love and respect your significant other. It will help you reach harmony and mutual understanding in your relationship. If nothing works, you can change your attitude towards the problem and try not to get annoyed at everything. Happy relationship requires a lot of patience and wisdom. Read on the article and try to admit that there’s no perfection in this world.

1 Playing video games

I don’t know why but nowadays many men behave like teenagers. The statistics prove that men play video games too frequently. It steals their free time and makes the whole family suffer from the father’s video game addiction. I’ve already tried dating a gamer. I can state with assurance that dating a gamer is not a good idea at all. It seems to me that these people are living in a virtual reality and notice nothing except video games.

Have you ever thought of why do men prefer to play video games after a hard day at work? My ex once told me that his favorite video game was a perfect stress reliever for him. Unfortunately, many men can’t realize that they’re too old for video games. If you want to help your man get rid of this problematic habit, you should do your best to distract him from his high-tech surroundings. You can motivate him to go in for sports together or shift focus on other interesting activities.

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2 Hiding their inner feelings and emotions

Unlike women, men find it difficult to open up and express their feelings and emotions. They’ll never pour out their soul or weep on somebody’s shoulder, because it’s not their pair of shoes. Unfortunately, they regard excessive emotionality as the biggest weakness of a real man. They also believe that secretiveness is the best way to avoid problems and protect themselves from evil-wishers. This habit is very annoying, because women often cannot understand what has happened to their significant others.

It’s been scientifically proved that women live a longer life, because they cannot keep both positive and negative emotions to themselves, like men usually do. Try to explain your man that unexpressed emotions can have a negative impact on his mental and physical well-being. It’s desirable to express inner feelings and open up together.

3 They think that women are the worst drivers

Unfortunately almost every man believes that a woman behind the wheel is dangerous. When I ask my boyfriend why all men do think so, he says that even scientists have already proved that a woman behind the wheel is a public danger. I do completely disagree with this statement. This stereotype is an outrageously offensive thing. I think both men and women have equal chances to become good drivers. I hate it when men try to prove that women are more likely to get into car accidents than men. Women can prevent car accidents even if they’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. I advise every woman to improve her driving skills in order to tweak the nose of her significant other and prove that women can be experienced drivers as well.

4 Wearing the same clothes every day

No matter how you slice it, men are strange and complicated creatures. I must confess that shopping is not their passion. Men don’t hasten to renew their wardrobes, because they think that one pair of sneakers, two pairs of jeans and a few T-shirts are absolutely enough to look great. As a result women have to put a lot of effort to persuade dear men that it’s desirable to buy more clothes. This annoying habit significantly complicates the life of women, because they often can do nothing about this fact. The only way out is to buy your significant other some beautiful clothing. This hint can give your man a push to create and develop his own dress style.

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5 Excessive forgetfulness

This one is the last most annoying habit of men. The study proves that many men suffer from excessive forgetfulness. It seems men are sometimes flying somewhere in the sky. They often forget birthdays or anniversaries. It’s strange, but they can’t keep in mind all little things that women find extremely important. The habit of selective hearing makes them forget everything they’re not directly interested in. Women should also know that many other factors can have a negative influence on the men’s memory. Depression, stress and anxiety make it harder to concentrate and deal with huge amounts of information. Wise women advise to give a delicate hint or tell your man in advance that something important is going to happen soon. Women should understand that men’s forgetfulness is not the sign of indifference, but the part of their nature.

I hope this article will help you realize that these annoying habits are peculiar to all men. If you’re already sick and tired of these habits, you should once and for all decide, whether you want to break up or continue fighting for your love. Building a happy relationship is a challenging thing. Sometimes only a mutual desire to reach a compromise can handle the situation. I believe that men can overcome everything for the sake of love. What other annoying habits of men do you know? Share your point of view!