7 Times When You Should Be Jealous

Oct 24, 2022

The feeling of jealousy isn’t a good feeling, but there are certain situations where it’s good to be jealous in your relationship. Jealousy is a natural emotion that we can’t control at times. We often get jealous for no reason, but if your partner behaves in a way that causes you to be jealous, don’t feel guilty about expressing your emotions. He should know about your feelings and he should admit his mistakes. When jealousy hits, make sure you have a reason for it and let your partner know about that reason. Good communication is the key to a happy and healthy relationship. Here are seven times when it’s actually okay to be jealous.

1 When he gives flirtatious vibes to another woman

If you are at a party or any other social gathering and you notice that your partner is extremely flirtatious with another woman, it’s absolutely natural to get jealous. Don’t hide your emotions. Let your partner know that you don’t like his behavior, but do it in a calm way. If needed, take a few deep breaths to release your anger first. The last thing you want to do is to cry and scream and ruin your day or evening.

2 When you learn important things about your partner from others

When you are in a relationship, you want to know everything about your significant other. It’s painful when you learn some important facts about your partner’s life from his friends, coworkers or neighbors. It’s okay to feel jealous. After all, why do his coworkers know about those facts and you don’t? Ask your partner why he didn’t tell you anything about it, but don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. Maybe he just forgets to tell you about it, or maybe he has a crucial reason to hide it from you.

3 When your partner treats his job or hobby like his second relationship

If you partner spends all of his time at work, it’s not surprising you feel so jealous. While it’s great to love your job or hobby, you should also spend your time with family and friends. Discuss it with your partner and help him to find a good work-life balance. You love him and you want to spend more time with him. Tell him! He needs to make some lifestyle changes to live a happier life.

4 When you feel like he doesn’t care about you

Hearing your partner brag about his happy and successful day, when you are trying to cope with the hard times, is always difficult and it’s okay to feel jealous. Sure, you should be happy for your partner’s success, but if you feel like your partner doesn’t care about you and your problems, it’s a red flag. Just tell him that you are happy for him, but you have some serious problems so you don’t feel well now.

5 When he travels a lot

If your partner is a travel junkie, chances are that he visits new places at least once a month. If you don’t have time or simply can’t afford to travel, you may feel jealous, and it’s bad and good feeling at the same time. Again, if he loves you and cares about you, he will never go anywhere without you. Don’t let your jealousy ruin your relationship, why not save for your lifetime trip together? You will have an awesome experience and improve your relationship.

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6 When he buys expensive things

If your partner makes more money than you and he never buys cheap things (like you do), it’s okay to feel kind of jealous that you can’t afford to buy a super cool smartphone or brand name clothing. This is a situation when you have to cope with your jealousy alone. Remember, he loves you for who you are. If he doesn’t tell you that you wear cheap things, there’s no need to worry.

7 When he spends more time with his friends than with you

If you feel like your partner spends more time with his friends than with you, don’t blame yourself for being jealous. Instead, let your partner know that you feel lonely because he doesn’t spend enough time with you. You should be his priority, not his friends.

Most of us believe that jealousy is a toxic emotion that can ruin any relationship, but it shouldn’t make you feel unhappy. There are situations where your jealousy can help you either improve your relationship or end an unhealthy relationship. However, if you realize you are too jealous in your relationship, try to get rid of this emotion and don’t let it ruin your life. What are the situations where it’s okay to be jealous?