This Is What You Feel When Your BFF Gets Engaged

Crossing and uncrossing your legs, you are wondering whether you should jump for joy or hang your head as the news gets to you. Whether she calls screaming as her lungs are almost popping out of their dwelling place or you were even part of the planning process that leads to the proposal, it is only normal that there are thoughts that would flit through your head when you are told the news of your BFF’s engagement.

What should I be thinking?

Sure, your BFF is someone you share a huge part of your life with – someone who means a lot to you. Sometimes, they can even transcend friendship into the realm of family. Thus, truthfully, you should feel nothing but sheer joy for your BFF finding love.

In the same vein, depending on your type of personality, the level of slaying you will be activating would be on your mind. But as life has it, there are sometimes deeper issues that can arise when your BFF breaks the news of their engagement. These issues lead the next question.

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Is it normal to feel jealous?

Now, let me quell the myth that jealousy is always a bad thing. No, it is not! For everything in life, there is to be a level of moderation, and where that is lacking, the thing can now be said to be bad.

Since your best friend is someone you have shared a large part of your life with, so it is only normal you feel a tad jealous that they are engaged. If you don’t, the only reason you will not feel this way is probably because you do not love them enough or you do not care (which is bad).

One of the feelings that would course through your body as you are being told the news is jealousy. You will be jealous of the fact that someone is coming to take your place or pry your friend away from you. This is normal, but you have to accept the situation for what it is and move on, they are getting engaged, not dying!

Is it okay to experience a resentment?

Other feelings that may come up could be resentment (towards the fact that you may no longer be as close to your friend or enjoy some liberties like you usually do). You may also experience anger. This is not an admirable feeling but may occur especially when you know something else about the intended spouse that your BFF has no idea of.

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Whatever you do or whatever feelings you may be having, your priority should be your BFF’s happiness. Yes! The news will come with some feelings, sheer happiness, moderate happiness, or even sadness that sooner or later your friend would be sharing their life with someone else.

Shake all the negative feelings off, dwell on the positive ones (having another BFF), and have an amazing time. It is your BFF’s engagement, after all!