12 Common Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Thunderstorm and a flower girl throwing a tantrum while walking down the aisle are just two of the many things that you cannot avoid on your wedding day. However, there are also things that you can prevent from ruining your special day. These wedding planning mistakes are entirely manageable as long as you heed them in the first place.

1 Use almost your entire budget on your wedding dress

Keep in mind that your wedding dress is just part of your wedding. That said, be reasonable in budgeting your dress. Furthermore, if you set aside money for your bridal look, you must not think that the entire money will be used just to buy a gown.

Instead, the money must also be used to purchase undergarments, shoes, hair accessories, jewelry, and veil, among the others. Thus, consider those things when you budget your money on a wedding dress.

2 Have backup flowers

Flowers vital to any wedding. They are actually a key to any wedding as they add color, texture, and feeling to your day. They set the mood for their beauty, elegance, and style. But you must never get too attached to a specific flower.

When booking a florist, the company can tell you what flowers are great for your price and available on your wedding day. If you pick one specific flower, you would be disappointed. Instead, make sure to have backups to your blooms. When booking, consider the colors and shapes of the flowers, rather than the specific type of flower.

3 Send the wedding invites too soon

You may be excited to tell your friends about your wedding date. But do not send the invites until you have finalized your guest list. And never send invites to people you have only met a few times.

The best time is six to eight months before the date. And you must only send it to guests that you are close to or that you are confident that they will attend.

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4 Not hiring a wedding videographer

It is true that photos are critical on your wedding day since they will remind you of that particular day. But they will not take you that far. Videos, on the other hand, will let you hear the voices of your guests and your partner as you say your vows. You will also hear your friends dancing on the floor.

When you hire a professional videographer, you can be sure that the videos you get will adequately document your wedding. You can see your special moments that you might have missed on that day.

5 Controlling the pros

It can be tempting for you to manage every detail of your wedding. But because you book them, you must let them do their jobs. You can still ask or guide them, whenever necessary. But you must step back and trust their expertise. Always keep on good terms with them as much as possible. Else, they might ruin your wedding day.

6 Telling everyone your plans

It is true that your wedding is a special day of your life. Hence, it can be difficult for you not to talk about it. But the more you share your plans, the more opinion you get about your choices. Remember that part of that day is to wow your guests.

If they know everything, they might not be impressed or surprised on your wedding day. It is also better not to share a lot of details about your wedding on social media. The people you did not invite might send the wrong message. You may hurt their feelings.

7 Hiring a friend to be your photographer

Your friend may show you beautiful photos on Instagram. But if he is not a professional wedding photographer, do not be tempted to hire him. Even if you have a tight budget, you are still better off paying a professional with years of experience in this business.

It is also the same with a DJ. Never hire a friend to work on your playlist. He may have incredible songs and music in mind. It does not mean that he can be a great wedding DJ. Allow the pros to take care of these things. And let your friends enjoy this day, rather than letting them work on that day.

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8 Lack of personality

Another wedding mistake you can avoid when planning your wedding is not to have a theme wedding. It does not have to be grandiose. What you need is a little creativity to add uniqueness to your wedding. Keep in mind that it is an important day of your life. Thus, make sure that your wedding is a reflection of your life.

9 Waste money on a lot of things

The wedding industry is huge and profitable. Thus, you can hear a lot of pros telling you this and that just to make a profit from it. So, be careful in where you spend your money.

Make sure that you put it where you need it. Know your budget so that you will know what is vital to you and what it is not. In that way, you can avoid wasting your money on something that you may not need.

10 Forget about what the celebration is

Your wedding is a day when you exchange vows with your partner. So, put a lot of thought in what music to be played, the readings, and your promises. These things are what make your ceremony memorable.

11 Not having a contingency plan

You may choose a summer day for your wedding. But it does not mean that it will not rain on that day. Many couples forget about planning for things that may go wrong. It is especially true if they have an outdoor wedding.

If you are planning on it, make sure that you have an alternate location in case of rain. You need to have a contingency plan. Some couples even have a bridal emergency kit in case of last-minute snafus.

12. Not having a budget

You may have figured out how much you could save and how much your parents would contribute. But, without a budget, you could be spending twice what you have budgeted for your wedding dress alone. Before you even plan on your wedding date and place, you need to have a budget first and stick to it.

In that way, you can avoid spending your money on apparel shoes that are too high for your budget or the caterers or photographers laughing at you when you reveal your budget for food or photos.

Without a budget, you could also be throwing thousands of dollars and ending up in debt after a wedding. Consider using your budget as a way to know what you can cut and how much you can save. Budgeting is not only an essential skill for your wedding, but also after that day.

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Finally, never drink throughout the rehearsal dinner. The last thing you want to experience is to wake up on your wedding day having puffy skin, headache, and upset stomach. Skip any alcoholic beverages the night before the wedding. If you can, make sure to sleep early so you can have a great day the following morning.