10 Couple Photo Ideas to Cherish Your Love

Aug 4, 2016

We live in a world where selfies are taken every millisecond, and while I am all for women feeling beautiful and empowered, I also welcome the occasional photo that celebrates love as a couple instead of just perfect hair and makeup. I know, it may get old to see another person’s love life blasted every day, but I do hope you take a cue from the love birds and capture some sweet moments with your own love.

Sure, you can always snap an impromptu picture with your phone over dinner, but what happens to it? If you are like me, that picture will just eat up your phone’s memory and be forgotten before you take the time to get it printed. Instead, do something special and have an actual photoshoot with someone else taking the pictures.

You will be much more likely to print and frame a few shots if you take the time to get more people involved. Just in case you need some tips for a photo shoot, here are ten ideas to capture your love in photos. Make sure you ask a friend to follow along or hire a photographer to make it happen.

1 Remember the ‘moment’

Take a trip to where it all began and go back to the place where you first met one another. See if you can recreate the moment as close as possible: time of year, time of day, what you were doing and wearing. Feeling nostalgic, yet?