10 Couple Photo Ideas to Cherish Your Love

Nov 18, 2016

We live in a world where selfies are taken every millisecond, and while I am all for women feeling beautiful and empowered, I also welcome the occasional photo that celebrates love as a couple instead of just perfect hair and makeup. I know, it may get old to see another person’s love life blasted every day, but I do hope you take a cue from the love birds and capture some sweet moments with your own love.

Sure, you can always snap an impromptu picture with your phone over dinner, but what happens to it? If you are like me, that picture will just eat up your phone’s memory and be forgotten before you take the time to get it printed. Instead, do something special and have an actual photoshoot with someone else taking the pictures.

You will be much more likely to print and frame a few shots if you take the time to get more people involved. Just in case you need some tips for a photo shoot, here are ten ideas to capture your love in photos. Make sure you ask a friend to follow along or hire a photographer to make it happen.

1 Remember the ‘moment’

Take a trip to where it all began and go back to the place where you first met one another. See if you can recreate the moment as close as possible: time of year, time of day, what you were doing and wearing. Feeling nostalgic, yet?

2 Go on your first date again

Do you remember your first date? I bet it was full of sweaty palms and awkward conversation. Go ahead and make reservations for round two! Sit at the same booth, order the same food and say cheese. This time, he may even get to third-base!

3 Say ‘I Do’

Are you already engaged or married? Go back to the location where your love popped the big question and have a mini photoshoot. Ask him to retrace his steps and get down on one knee, only this time in front of a camera. Cue the tears!

4 Recreate favorite pictures

Do you have a favorite picture as a couple from years ago? Recreate it today. Go to the same exact place, wear the same outfits and pose like you did before then be amazed at how much (or little) you two have changed. Bonus: Frame the images next to one another.

5 Annual picture within a picture

Have you seen this cute idea for anniversary pictures? Every year, print a picture of you and your love holding a picture from last year’s anniversary. As the years go by you will have a picture inside a picture inside a picture, and so on! Confused? See the picture for reference or look on Pinterest for inspiration.

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6 Travel the world

We are loving the travel pictures with the woman’s arm stretched behind her while grasping her husband’s hand as they take on a new adventure. The focus is on the scenery and culture while still having the couple in the picture. Keep this idea in mind every time you go on a vacation and after a few years, you could have a really unique coffee table book.

7 Be a kid again

You will have to let your hair down for this one! Find a local playground and act like a kid on the first day of summer. Have your love push you as high as you can go on the swings, hang upside-down on the monkey bars, go down the slides in his lap – go play. Just make sure you are home by dark.

8 Celebrate your hobbies

Are you an avid hunter? Do you love football? Are you known as the couple that cooks or bakes? Whatever your hobby may be, use it as inspiration for a photo shoot! Wear your team’s jerseys and toss the ball around in the yard. Or make a mess cooking up a storm in the kitchen wearing aprons. Just have fun with it and show your personalities and passions all at the same time.

9 Shadow figures

Think outside the box and catch your shadows in the frame for a change. Stand with the sun or light coming from behind you onto a wall or a sandy beach then lean over for a kiss or form a heart with your hands. Whatever pose you choose, just make sure that your shadows are clear and distinct so the picture will turn out! Print it in black and white to really sell the shadow effect.

10 We are having a baby

Are you expecting an addition to the family? What better time is there to take pictures as a couple or family? Think about how you want to announce your pregnancy to the world and then go for it! Decorate a large box and release pink or blue balloons depending on the sex of the baby.

Not sure what you are having yet? You can make a chalkboard sign saying “Coming Soon!” and hold it between your bodies with the baby bump in full view. The options are endless and this is a picture you will always cherish!

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No matter what idea you roll with, you know what they say… a picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes as women we think we have to wait for the perfect setting or the perfect hair day or until we lose ten more pounds before we step in front of a camera. Truth is, if we wait for everything to be perfect, we may miss out on making memories with our loved ones.

So celebrate the love in your life by making sure you stop to capture life’s moments together. One day years from now, you will be able to look back and remember how young and in love you were. Now get out there and say cheese!