9 Lovely Ways to Use Your Hands When Kissing

Oct 31, 2022

Kissing is a sweet workout that can spin your head around and make you happy in a matter of seconds. Even though you mostly your lips and tongue are involved during a kiss, your hands should also take part in this workout. The last thing you want to do when kissing is to stand still, even if you are a fantastic kisser.

When you and your partner do nothing with your hands, your kiss isn’t as seductive and passionate as you want. If you are going to pleasantly surprise your boyfriend next time you kiss him, here are a few lovely ways to use your hands to jazz up your make out session.

1 Hold his hands

There’s something magical in holding each other’s hands when kissing. You show your partner that you want to be closer to him. You want to touch him and show your love. You show the warmest feelings of yours when holding your guy’s hands like in those romantic movies. But don’t hold his hands if you don’t want to do that. He will certainly notice your insincere move.

2 Touch his chest

Not only do girls have sensitive chest area but man’s chest is also his secrete zone. No matter whether he has some clothes on or not, you may run your fingers up and down to let your significant other experience some new exciting feelings during a kiss. Try to do it slowly and as gentle as possible to keep that wonderful tension going longer.

3 Play with his hair

Guys also like when women gently touch their hair. Play with his hair to add some passion to a kiss. Furthermore, it`ll help him relax and get the most out of the moment so he`ll be ready to give you more then. Whether he has a long beautiful hair or a bald head, touch it delicately with you hands to create a really romantic kiss.

4 Touch his face

When you kiss him, you can slightly touch his cheeks as well. It is one of the best ways to show your feelings and to really burn the fire between you two. Sliding your thumb over his soft lips when pulling your head away also look and feel amazing. Plus, you won’t have to worry about what to do with your hands.

5 Control his hands

The way you use your hands when kissing is important but what your man does with his hands also matters. If you don`t feel comfortable with his hands on his side, place them wherever you want. Your waist or booty are perfect options. Just take his hands and show what to do with them without taking a break when kissing. Men are smart so he`ll definitely understand your gesture correctly.

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6 Touch his ears and neck

Touch his ears and neck lightly to make your kiss more delightful. It`s been proven that a man`s ear is one of the most sensitive, erogenous spots on his body so let your fingers make him happy by touching his ears. Also play with his neck and touch his muscles. Guys like to think that they are strong and powerful so why not emphasize his body`s beauty by touching his masculine neck?

7 Hug him

Hug your significant other as if you`re not going to kiss him at all. Place your arms around his back and get closer to him if you want to make this kiss genuinely intimate. It`ll be a sign that you`re sure you love him and treat him like a second part of your soul. Only truly happy couples can do this to show that their relationship is strong and serious enough to last forever.

8 Turn him on

You can turn him on even with a kiss only, but it`s much easier, more sexually and passionately to touch him down there when demonstrating your tongue`s skills. It`ll definitely make him want you and love you even more. Make your kiss hot by touching his sensitive body parts and get ready to have fun all night long because you`ll hardly avoid him after such a kiss.

9 Undress him

When you are at home, one of the best ways to use your hands when making out is to undress your partner. Do it slowly and gently. Be passionate and play with him as long as possible. Mens love such a game, but not all women are brave enough to play it. Are you one of them? Or, undressing him isn’t a challenging task to you?

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When it comes to kissing, there are many mistakes most couples commit. While those mistakes can’t ruin your relationship, mastering some kissing techniques is always a smart idea. Use your hands correctly when making out to show your best kissing skills. What’s your way to use your hands when kissing?