7 Most Fabulous Benefits of Kissing

Oct 28, 2022

No matter how old we are, we often can’t imagine a happy life without warm, tender, passionate and friendly kisses. From time to time, people organize kissing competitions, hold new records and dedicate poems and songs to this magic expression of love.

Why kissing is so important to us? I’ve always assumed that kissing is not just two lips touching, but a kind of information and energy exchange. Loving embrace and deep mouth to mouth kiss usually build a strong emotional connection between two hearts. Sooner or later, this emotional intimacy can turn into a pure and infinite love you’ve always dreamed of.

When I was child, my granny told me, “A kiss a day is the best medicine in the world”. At first I didn’t attach too much significance to that saying, but now I realize that her words were a piece of wisdom.

If I were a doctor, I would prescribe kissing to all people who suffer from stress related health issues, because this intimate activity has an extremely positive impact on both mental and physical well-being. I try to kiss my partner, friends and family members as much as possible, because I know that my kiss can make their day better. Read on and try to understand that kissing is an essential part of a highly successful and happy person’s life.

1 It makes you more confident and emancipated

Psychologists state people who say that kissing isn’t their pair of shoes are the victims of their insecurities and stereotypes. The older we get, the more solitude we need. We gradually break a habit of kissing and hugging the others. It often happens when we addict ourselves to work and choose to live a single life. Unfortunately, this desire steals our confidence, lightness and boldness. As a result, we find it difficult to leave our comfort zone, overcome mental barriers and give somebody a kiss.

I’m sure a life without kissing is a bad idea. If you’re single at the moment, you should give your mom, dad, grandparents cheek kisses on a regular basis. My first kiss played an important role in the process of my self-esteem formation and maturation. Even today I remember that memorable moment of pleasure and my first victory over annoying fears and diffidence with a smile and some kind of trembling inside my body. Do you remember your first kiss?

2 It makes your relationship stronger

People who kiss regularly are completely satisfied with their lives and relationships. They wholeheartedly believe that deep mouth to mouth kiss is an indispensable part of a happy and strong relationship. Kissing helps them keep the spark alive in their relationships regardless of age, fights and various misunderstandings.

Furthermore, a passionate kiss is the only thing that can stop a fight between partners and clear their minds of old grudges with lighting speed. When kissing, many partners realize their love is unbelievably valuable and wondrous feeling they should cherish like the apple of the eye. This emotional outburst makes them more reasonable in making life changing decisions and breaks their harmful habit of speaking straight from the shoulder.

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3 Kissing brings positive emotions and heals our souls

What does a kiss mean to you? If you’re a romantic person, then kiss is a thorough pleasure that can put you in good spirits and set an optimistic tone for the day. As a romantic person, I like to kiss and to be kissed. This way I show my respect, affection or love to the closest people in my life. Kissing gives me an opportunity to fly on the wings of love and take no heed of different troubles, toxic people and negativity.

The feelings of excitement, enthusiasm, peace and inner tranquility are the result of a chemical reaction caused in human brain. When kissing, you brain automatically activates the areas linked to reward and releases healing chemicals that increase your resistance to stress, depression, frustration and fears. Kissing therapy is not just a theory, but an effective treatment that really works.

4 Kiss is a powerful painkiller

Unfortunately, almost everyone has at least once experienced both physical and mental pain of various origin. Some people just come to terms with their pain and learn to live with it; others leave no stone unturned and even use drugs trying to overcome and wave goodbye to this unpleasant feeling. Taking painkillers isn’t the best solution, especially if you do it very often. You’d better look for healthier ways to overcome pain.

It may sound strange but a simple kiss can significantly relieve the pain. Unlike modern painkillers, kissing is more beneficial and safe, because it causes only positive addiction and doesn’t have horrible and irreversible side effects. If you’re suffering from some kind of pain in the moment, you shouldn’t rush to expensive medications advertised on TV, but ask your loved one to give you a kiss. Without a doubt, this natural anesthetic will take effect very quickly, because your love is the best doctor.

5 It strengthens your immune system naturally

As I mentioned above, a kiss is a deep emotional bond. If to look at kissing from a biological point of view, we can find out that a kiss is an exchange of microorganisms. Kissing improves your immunity system by stimulating a wide range of physiological processes and teaching your body to cope with various types of bacteria.

According to numerous researches, human saliva is incredibly rich in natural antibiotics. These elements expedite the healing wounds, but it doesn’t mean that you should practice French kissing with everyone you know just for medical purposes, because it can be even dangerous.

I’ve noticed that when I started practicing French kissing with my significant other, I became a healthier person. Now I know that kissing is a perfect natural vaccination that makes my immune system stronger.

6 Kissing keeps your mouth healthy

Frankly speaking, I don’t believe that there’re a lot of people who don’t brush their teeth twice a day in the 21st century. They do it regularly, because oral hygiene has become an important part of a modern person’s life.

It’s been proved that people who enjoy kissing dedicate more time and effort to cleaning and flossing their teeth. Moreover, they do their best to make their breath smell wonderful during the whole day, no matter how hard it may seem. They rinse their mouths, chew gums, drink gallons of water, get rid of bad habits and do everything that can help them maintain good oral hygiene to make a good impression on their partners.

There’s one more secret to keeping your mouth healthy. Give priority to French kissing, because this kind of kiss stimulates the production of saliva and significantly reduces the number of bacteria in your mouth.

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7 It can help you find your love

If you’re a lady, then your cherished dream is to find the love of your life, but human compatibility isn’t an easy thing. When you date somebody, you can appreciate their appearance, explore their inner world and notice some of their bad habits. But you cannot know if you’re compatible with the person you like or not. You’ll never find it out, until you do something to size up the potential partner’s biological traits. How can you do it? Kissing is the best thing that can give you a valuable sign and help you make one of the most challenging choices in your life.

I hope this article has changed your attitude towards kissing and make this beneficial activity an important part of your daily life. Kissing is a powerful psychological tool that can break down your stereotypes and make your dearest and nearest the happiest people in the world. Do you agree that kissing can change your life for the better? What other benefits of kissing do you know? We’d like to know your point of view!