Your Little Guide to Kissing with Glasses

Jun 4, 2021

Kissing with glasses is daunting, awkward, yet a bit fun when you know these fantastic tricks. While many girls and guys wear glasses as an accessory, others have to wear them because of bad eyesight. Contact lenses are great, but not everyone, including me, can wear them daily. Anyway, learning how to kiss with glasses is useful, and here is your little guide to follow:

1 Keep your hair out of your face with glasses

If your guy is going to kiss you and you know it is not going to be a quick kiss, pull your glasses up like you do with your hairband. This way, your glasses will not prevent you and your partner from a French kiss and will keep your hair in place. If your boyfriend is the one who wears glasses, he can do the same. When both partners wear glasses, they do it automatically.

2 Hug

Regardless of who is a glass wearer, hugging is a safe way to kiss with glasses. People with bad eyesight have poor balance, and they can easily lose it and fall during a kiss. It’ is quite another matter if one of you wears fake glasses, then a hug is just a sign of a passionate kiss.

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3 Try tilting your head back

This trick does not work if both of you wear glasses. If it is not about your couple and you are the only one with glasses, learn how to tilt your head back so that your glasses do not slide down during a long kiss. If your partner is taller than you, you are more likely to tilt your head back automatically. If not, it is time to adopt a new kissing habit.

4 When #3 fails, try tilting your head to the side

Are you and your partner of the same height? Chances are, tilting your head back is uncomfortable for both of you, especially during those long, passionate kisses. Many couples who wear glasses claim they tilt their heads to the side and do not even notice they are wearing glasses. Give it a try. Maybe it will become your little secret to a perfect kiss.

5 Invest in slightly tight glasses

I am not telling you to buy too tight glasses, but they have to be a bit tighter than you usually wear. Tight glasses are less likely to slide down, so press them on your nose, and you are ready for any type of kiss, except butterfly one, of course. Glasses with a poor fit can ruin any kiss as well as cause earache, headache, and in some cases, tiny blisters on your temples. I am not sure you want to deal with them, right?

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6 Experiment with positions

This goes without saying that it is better to kiss without glasses when you two are in bed, but if you feel uncomfortable without them, experiment with different positions. Being the one on top and lying sideways are known as the worst positions for glass wearer. The most comfortable one is obviously lying on your back. However, it varies from person to person, and it is up to you which position to choose.

When all the tricks fail, the best way to kiss with glasses is actually to make out without them. Take them off and pretend that you are on a blind date. I can tell you from my own experience that all these kissing tips and tricks are useless because when two people love each other, they do not look for tips. They try, they fail, but eventually, they come up with their own secrets that work for them only. Do you have such secrets?