10 Splendid Greek Wedding Ideas

Jul 21, 2016

With the sequel to My Big Fat Greek Wedding hitting the theaters recently, we are finding ourselves drooling over all things Greek once again. So, why not have your own beautiful Greek wedding? No passport or birth certificate required, I am going to help bring Greece to you with these ten splendid Greek wedding ideas. Whether you incorporate them all or just a few, your big day will be one that your guests will remember for years to come.

1 Dress the part

It all starts with the dress, and, more importantly, the Bride! Ditch the princess silhouette and ball gowns and slip into something fit for a goddess. Look for Grecian-inspired wedding gowns featuring draping fabric and off-the-shoulder necklines. Wear your hair loose with curls for a more romantic look, or sweep it for an Aphrodite-inspired style. Keep your jewelry minimal so all the focus is on your beautiful face and dress.

2 The wedding palette

To really evoke the look of Greece, choose a scheme of white, blue and fuchsia. The pink is reminiscent of the bougainvillea that drapes the walkways in Santorini. Pull off this look with crisp white linens and pops of blue and pink. If pink is not your cup of tea, opt for gold instead. Weave metallic accents into your décor for extra shine. A simple palette will keep the event classy in any venue.

3 The flowers

Olives are an integral component in Greece, so incorporate them into your flowers for an authentic Greek flair. Tuck sprigs of olive leaves into a full bouquet of white peonies. Place pots of small olive trees on tables around the ceremony or frame your entrance with larger trees entwined with twinkling lights. Tie olive branches to chairs with swaths of ribbon or lace. Keep arrangements loose and natural looking for an ultra-romantic vibe.

4 The menu

Greece is known for their traditional flavors of olive, feta, and a cucumber sauce called tzatziki. Use these flavors to create a feast for your guests by making skewers of tomatoes, feta, cucumber and olives sprinkled with Greek seasoning. Skewers are easy for guests to eat on-the-go.

For an hors d’oeuvre that is just as pleasing to the eye as it is to the mouth, fill shot glasses with brightly colored olives and chunks of feta cheese. And for the main course, serve braised lamb with a side of tzatziki sauce for dipping and roasted potatoes on the side. Don’t forget the drinks! Whet their whistles with the Greek drink of choice: Ouzo liqueur.

5 Let them eat cake

Keep your cake traditionally Greek by serving thin layers of sponge cake with sweet cream filling. Choose a one or two-tiered white cake and decorate it with olive sprigs or bougainvillea. Instead of a groom’s cake, have pieces of Baklava arranged in a column for easy grabbing.

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6 The wedding march

Want to incorporate a fun Greek tradition? Make a scene in the streets. Hire a mandolin band to accompany the groom to the wedding venue. Once they deliver him, they can return to escort the bride with music. How’s that for a grand entrance?

7 The Best Man

Another tradition that I think is great is that of the Koumabaros, or the Best Man. Let your man put his best friend in a place of honor for the whole ceremony. In Greek ceremonies, the Koumabaros is in charge of the passing of the rings between the bride and groom to symbolize the union. This role can also be fulfilled by the Maid of Honor, or Koumbara.

8 The third time’s the charm

In Greek tradition, the number ‘three’ holds great significance, especially at a wedding. You can make it a part of your big day in two ways: first, don the Stefana, a crown worn by the Bride and Groom. These gold crowns attached by a ribbon recognize the couple as the King and Queen of the day and represents their union.

Before it is placed on your heads, the priest or the Koumabaros passes it between you three times to signify the union you now represent. You can find beautiful custom Stefanas on sites like Etsy. The second way to use the number three is to walk around your altar three times after your vows. This represents the trinity as well as your union. It is also your first walk as a married couple.

9 Opa!

Now it is time for some fun! Greek weddings are known for their festivity and dancing, so do not let yours be an exception. Line the dance floor with baskets full of old dishes. After your first dance, encourage guests to wish you luck by breaking a dish and saying, ‘Opa!’ Just be sure to watch out for flying pieces. And if you want to make some quick cash, have a ‘money dance,’ where guests pin money to the bride in exchange for a twirl around the dance floor.

10 Thank your guests

You have said, ‘I Do,’ ate and drank until your hearts content, and danced the night away, now it’s time for everyone to go home. But first, make sure you send them off with a favor to thank them for celebrating with you. Make Boubouniera or packages of sugared almonds for them to grab on their way out.

Fill burlap sacks with the sweet almonds, tie them off with a ribbon and attach an ‘Evil Eye’ for one more Greek token. This Greek symbol is said to ward off evil spirits. Or, if your budget allows it, send them off with a bottle of their own Ouzo liqueur stamped with your new monogram.

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After all the guests have gone home, the broken dishes have been cleaned up and your drunk uncle is escorted off the dance floor, you are going to look back and wonder how it all happened so quickly. One more tip? Make sure you hire a photographer and videographer to help capture your day so you can visit your Greek wedding again and again for years to come. Opa!

FAQ About Greek Wedding

What are some traditional Greek wedding customs?

Some traditional Greek wedding customs include the “krevati” or bed-making ceremony, where the couple’s bed is made with symbolic items like coins, rose petals, and a baby’s crib to represent fertility and prosperity; the “stefana” or crowning ceremony, where the couple wears crowns connected by a ribbon to symbolize their union; and the “kalamatiano” or circle dance, where guests join hands and dance in a circle around the couple.

What are some Greek wedding decoration ideas?

Greek wedding decoration ideas can include olive branches, which symbolize peace and prosperity; blue and white colors, which represent the Greek flag; and traditional Greek pottery or vases filled with flowers like roses or hyacinths.

What are some popular Greek wedding favors?

Popular Greek wedding favors include “koufeta,” which are sugar-coated almonds that symbolize the sweetness of the couple’s union; small bottles of olive oil or honey; and small figurines of Greek gods or goddesses.

What are some traditional Greek wedding foods?

Traditional Greek wedding foods can include lamb or beef souvlaki, moussaka, spanakopita, and baklava for dessert. Greek salads with feta cheese, olives, and tomatoes are also a popular choice.

What are some Greek wedding dress ideas?

Greek wedding dresses can be flowy and ethereal, with draped fabrics and Grecian-style sandals. Embroidered or beaded designs are also popular, as well as dresses with a high waistline and a flowing skirt.

What are some Greek wedding music ideas?

Greek wedding music can include traditional instruments like the bouzouki and the clarinet, as well as popular Greek songs like “Zorba the Greek” and “Never on Sunday.” Traditional Greek dances like the “sirtaki” and the “hasapiko” are also popular.