7 Things You Will Understand Only If You Grew Up with an Older Brother

Having an older brother has nothing to do with having an older sister. Girls who grew up with older sisters will never understand the advantages and disadvantages of growing up with an older brother.

I grew up with an older brother and know exactly how it feels. One moment you love him and the next one you hate him. One moment you help him, and the next one you tell your parents his secrets to hurt his feelings. Anyway, it is cool to have a big brother, because no matter what happens, he is your family.

If you grew up with an older brother, here are seven things you can understand for sure:

1 You were super confident at school

I never had troubles at school, because my brother was always nearby. I knew that no one would hurt me. My brother had many friends at school, and all those friends protected me too. If you grew up with an older brother, chances are you were incredibly confident and popular at school.

2 You did all the household chores

Although parents gave you different tasks, you were the only one who did them all. Your brother was always busy with games, friends, and TV so he did not have time for cleaning or cooking.

3 You lied when you had a date

Your brother did not approve of the guys you dated so you had to lie when you had a date. Plus, your boyfriends were always afraid of your brother so you often had to run away from the bar when he unexpectedly appeared.

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4 You had a crush on his best friend

Girls who grew up with older brothers are all guilty of this – you and I are no exceptions. It was not a big love, but you thought you would marry him one day. You tried to make him notice you, but you were just his best friend’s sister for him, and nothing more.

5 You had to cover for him with your parents

Whether you wanted it or not, you had to do it. Sure, parents knew the truth, but you tried hard to hide it. The worst times for you were when your parents were away on business trips or vacations, and you had to clean the house every morning after parties. When your parents came back home, you did not complain, though.

6 You gave him your pocket money

‘You are too small to have money while I need them to buy more useful things.’ You gave him your pocket money and regretted it when you learnt that he bought beer and cigarettes, or chocolate for the girl you hated. But the next morning, you ended up giving him your money again because you can say no to your brother.

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7 You always had to do what he wanted

He was the only one who chose the movie to watch, the music to listen and the game to play. When you wanted to play Mario, your brother ruined your plans, and you ended up playing tank war. He was older, so you never had a choice.

Growing up with an older brother is not easy, but you still love him and forgive him everything he did wrong when you were kids. He is your best friend who will never betray you. He loves you no matter what. Remember, you are lucky to have an older brother, aren’t you? What things can girls who have older brothers understand only?