6 Signs Your Friend Is Hiding Something From You

The shifty eyes. The closed stance. Maybe your friend is not displaying the tell-tale signs that they are hiding something from you. Maybe you are unsure and even feel guilty for suspecting them of keeping something important from you. Yet, you need to make sure, so here are the signs that you friend is hiding something:

1 Cash for services instead of card

One easy way to get caught doing something is to use traceable measures, like a credit card. Your friend may suddenly be paying for everything with cash, which means that they are leaving no record of the transaction except for the receipt. Of course, this is not the only sign someone is trying to cover something up, so do not weigh everything just on this.

2 Prepaid cell phones

Couple the lack of using the debit with a new, prepaid cell phone. These cheap, throwaway measures mean that the person can break off contact at any time. There is no contract. No record. Just minutes that can be used and renewed if necessary. Your friend may be trying to cover their tracks by not using their actual phone. Maybe they are hiding something much darker than the fact they can’t afford a new iPhone.

3 Excessively secretive

Was your friend once an open book that has now slammed itself shut on your hand? When people spend time together, they generally begin to share bits and pieces of their lives. But now, your friend is rarely saying much about work, love, or their family.

Perhaps, they now are much more cryptic about what they say and how they say it. Maybe they are openly lying to you about things, like saying they were at work when you clearly saw them at the 7-11 yesterday.

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4 Watch their eyes

This is usually one of the most reassuring signs that someone is hiding something. Most of the time, people make eye contact for a moment then look away, but if they are looking around the room and rarely meeting your gaze, they are clearly searching for something.

This could be a metaphorical way out. Sometimes, this is an indicator that they are fabricating a lie. Conversely, a person who is hiding something might never look away from you, as if trying to drill the idea they are not lying into your mind.

5 Listen for voice changes

Emotional states will change the voice. If their vocals suddenly go up a pitch, they may be panicked. On the other hand, if their voice goes down a notch, becoming a whisper so they cannot be heard well, they are usually lying or nervous. Also, people will use the lines like, “Would I lie to you?” or “Are you accusing me of something?”

6 Run your suspicions by a third party

Lastly, if there is nothing that seems like concrete evidence, run your thoughts by someone who doesn’t know your friend. They will have an unbiased perspective and may be able to figure out the clues better than you can.

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Though most people would never want to suspect their friend of lying, if you have a hunch, they most likely are. Pair that with these hints that your friend is hiding something from you so you can figure out if you want to approach them about the suspected issue or not.