7 Signs He Is About to Propose

Apr 29, 2016

Every woman has a cherished dream of getting a marriage proposal from her significant other one day. They want this event to be unbelievably colorful, magical and memorable. Unfortunately, not all marriage proposals are magical.

Men who do not know how to turn this important life event into a fairy tale, usually grab their women’s hands and take them directly to the marriage clerk’s office. If your boyfriend is romantic, then he will certainly make a miracle one day.

You can easily figure out when it is going to happen. The main thing is to stay focused on your loved one and pay attention to the tiniest details, like the following ones.

1 Suspicious behavior

When partners live under the same roof, they usually find it difficult to make surprises for each other, because they lack personal space and follow the same routine every day.

If you have noticed that your boyfriend starts behaving in an unusual and suspicious manner, there is a high probability that he is preparing a wonderful surprise for you.

Do not raise the alarm or interrogate your loved one, trying to find out whether he is a cheater or not, because it can scare him off and spoil the quality of your relationship and his plans.

2 He suddenly starts saving money

If your significant other has suddenly become frugal for no apparent reason, it means that he is saving for something, and a memorable proposal is no exception. Nowadays the most important events like proposal and wedding cost quite a lot of money and not every guy can find it easy and affordable.

Do not ask him a bunch of questions, because he will probably not tell you the truth anyway. Just relax and keep in mind that a miracle is just around the corner.

3 Your dearest and nearest behave as if they know a secret

If you are an emotionally sensitive person, or you have good psychological skills, you can easily notice both significant and insignificant changes in the behavior, emotions, actions and feelings of your family members.

Asking your parents for your hand will certainly make your mom’s eyes sparkle with happiness. Her joy will burst forth like a blossoming flower, and you will find it difficult not to notice it.

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4 Almost all his friends are married

Both physically and mentally strong men are psychologically vulnerable creatures, who are afraid of aging alone. They are usually not sensitive to social influence and do not pay considerable attention to other people’s opinions.

But when it comes to family life, they are often ready to curb their ego, make sacrifices and even run to extremes if necessary. When they see their friends and colleagues get married, they automatically start thinking about marriage and the meaning of life as well.

5 He asked you out on an unusually romantic date

Men are also the creatures of habit. They repeat the same actions, visit the same places and buy the same things because it is easier, safer and more reliable. They usually do not show creativity in dating as well.

If your boyfriend suddenly asks you out on an unusual date, he is either sick and tired of routine in your relationship or he is about to propose. Sometimes it is hard to believe, but modern men are still capable of doing crazy and wonderful things for the sake of love.

6 He gets dressed up for no reason

If your man is not an office worker, then formal attire is not his pair of shoes. In most cases, these men wear casual clothes, because they find it more comfortable and practical.

If he gets dressed up like a real gentleman one day and says that all his casual clothes are in the wash, there is a high probability that he is lying for the sake of a happy surprise. Just try to ask less questions and everything will be okay.

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7 Your jewelry box is not in its place

Many men do not have even the remotest idea of how to measure women’s ring size without being suspicious. That is why they often act like James Bond. If you have suddenly noticed that someone touched your jewelry box, it is a sign that someone is trying to determine your ring size by all means. Who knows, maybe your loved one will propose you in a quite short period of time?

All women who are looking forward to their men’s proposal should have patience and be extremely observant. It will help them know their men’s true intentions and understand that they are about to propose. What other signs do you know?