9 Things Every Man Wants from His Future Wife

Nov 1, 2022

Women assume men don’t think of marriage or they want a wife-slave who will do whatever her husband wishes. This notion is false. Most men want to make their future wives happy. They want to have a family, to love and to be loved.

They want to have fun with their wives in the bedroom and they don’t want to cheat. Failed relationships and marriages are failed because both partners couldn’t find a mutual understanding. Plus, wrong beliefs destroy even the strongest relationships.

If you believe that all men want is delicious meals and sex, then think again, otherwise you won’t find your soulmate till death. Check out the things most men expect from their future wives.

1 Understanding

Yes, men crave to be understood. They want their future wives to support them during the difficult times, not blame for all their mistakes and failures. They want their wives to understand their habits and hobbies. We often lack understanding at work. Our parents and friends refuse to understand us too, which is why we are trying to find a spouse who will always support us regardless of the situation.

2 Less drama

It is okay to fight with your husband over some trifles when no one sees and hears you. When you cause a scene in front of his or your parents or friends, there’s a room for resentment, anger and hatred. Every man wants his future wife to avoid drama and solve the problems peacefully together. If your life is full of drama, make sure you get rid of it before you tie the knot.

3 Honesty

We all want to hear the truth, but we can’t be absolutely honest at times. When it comes to marriage, the spouses should be honest to each other and tell the truth even when they know it will hurt their feelings. While women can stand a lie and forgive their partners, men have trouble handling any kind of lie.

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4 Homely house

Men love it when they come back home and feel that coziness and comfort that help them relax after a busy day. They want to live in a clean house, though they are a bit messy. They love the smell of homemade dinner. They love to sleep in clean bedding and use clean towels. Maybe too much, but who doesn’t want it?

5 Homemade dinner

Modern girls spend less time in the kitchen and more time in front of the screens. Cooking is an exhausting and time consuming task, but a good wife should know how to make delicious homemade meals. They don’t have to be exclusive and complicated, but they do have to be healthy and hearty. Store-bought ready meals are convenient for women, but disgusting for men. Come to a correct conclusion, girls.

6 Romance

Women are not the only ones who love romance, guys love it too. They want their future wives not to forget about romantic dinners and nights after a wedding. They hate spending nights simply watching TV and making out. They want to take romantic trips, receive love letters or messages, and enjoy date nights with their wives. Many husbands run away from homes to bars because they can’t stand their wives’ indifference and laziness.

7 Personal space

Just like women need some personal space, guys need some alone time too, especially introverted men. If he is going to take a stroll in the park without you, it does not mean he is going to meet another woman. It means he needs some time to reflect on his problems, goals and desires. Clingy girls scare guys away. Getting too clingy right after you start dating a man is one of the worst mistakes you can make that can leave you single for good.

8 Good listening skills

Both partners should be good listeners. Don’t get me wrong, but guys are bit better listeners than we are. Because they know that if they didn’t listen to our stupid complaints, we would resent bitterly and stop talking to them for a week. Every man wants his future wife to have at least some basic listening skills.

9 Quiet

Peace and quiet are precious things that we ignore. It’s tempting to bring your husband down when he did something wrong, but don’t start a fight once he’s home. He had a hard day so now he needs silence and peace. The last thing he wants to hear at the end of the day is your complaints and negative words.

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Apart from all these things men expect from their future wives, they also want us to have a great sense of humor, and be a bit independent, strong and assertive. Clingy wives are men’s worst nightmares. Men aren’t as bad as most modern girls assume. They can make perfect husbands too. Of course, if you show your appreciation, respect, love and passion. What do you want from your future spouse?