6 Worst Eating Habits of Millennials

Mar 23, 2017

The generation known as the Millennials, or Generation Y, is the group of people born between 1980 and 2000. Perhaps the most fascinating thing about this group of people is that they have the most astounding eating habits of any generation before it.

You can thank the Millennials for the shift in food as we know it from fused cuisine items like Korean tacos to the demand for better and sustainable food sources. And while those are good things, Millennials have some bad eating habits that will lead them to difficulties as they age.

So what are the worst eating habits of Millennials? Take a look at what you can change about your own eating habits today.

1 They eat out more than any other generation

Millennials spend more on eating out. For the restaurant industry, that is great news. But for Millennials as they grow older, this is a bad habit that needs breaking. Even when money is tight, they will still dine out, which will leave them with little to no savings for the future.

2 They eat less nutritious options

Despite their demand for ethically-sourced foods and organic options, Millennials still spend what little disposable income they do have on foods that are not that good for them. Quick, easy, and convenient options are a Millennial’s best friend.

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3 They do not eat even close to the daily requirement of fruits and vegetables

According to Medical Daily, Millennials are not hitting even close to the proper consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables they should be each day. Referencing research conducted by Dan Witters of the Gallup’s Well-Being Index, only half of the Millennials surveyed consumed the right amount of fruits and vegetables per day.

4 They drink a lot of alcoholic beverages

While technically not a food, alcohol consumption is big for Millennials. This partying generation enjoys imbibing unabashedly. And certainly, while there is nothing wrong with a few drinks here and there, the excessive ingestion of it could be the cause of their undoing when they are older.

5 They do not consider their calories

Millennials place so much emphasis on where their food comes from that they neglect to think about calories. While eating organic has great benefits, even these foods have calories too.

A salad made with organic beetroot and farm-fresh goat cheese that is covered in a house-made creamy dressing and topped with raw almonds will still add up when it comes to calories.

6 They cook less

This goes hand in hand with the trend of Millennials dining out more. When they are eating out, they are not cooking. And by not cooking, they are relinquishing full control of what goes into their bodies.

Sure, they are demanding fresher, healthier, and organic food options but simply slapping a label claiming that the foods they eat are healthier does not always make it so.

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Even though every generation has its best and worst habits when it comes to food, Millennials are notable for their bad eating habits. Besides, are you a Millennial? What is your worst eating habit?