Time is Precious: Millennials Let Grocerants Do the Work for Them

Millennials have an unfairly bad reputation. People call us a lazy generation while the truth is, we are eager to work hard and impact the world. We just value our time. We are constantly on the lookout for clever ways to save time and enjoy all aspects of life at the same time. This is a reason why we are so passionate about the grocerants.

For a newbie, a grocerant is a grocery restaurant that offers restaurant meals at a lower cost. Gone are the days where we spent 200 minutes to prepare the dinner but still ended up eating the same meal over and over again.

Although I do not like this new concept – you know, cooking your own meal is always better – I do realize that grocerants help us save time, money and nerves. Here are a few questions that bother many people and the answers to them:

Why grocerants are so on the rise these days?

Restaurants are expensive and cooking is exhausting, not to mention that we should spend hours for grocery shopping. Grocerant is a perfect solution, and not only for college students. Families who often eat out or buy ready-made food tend to spend half their budget on the meals that are slowly ruining the health of each family member. While grocerants do not offer super healthy meals, they are a lot healthier than that heat-and-eat stuff.

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Why Millennials?

Not to toot our horns, but we Millennials have already impacted the world in an amazingly positive way. We create the things that become the rage instantly. Grocerants are no exception. And it is not my words.

According to David Portalatin, who is vice president of industry analysis at NPD Group, if you give the millennials what they want, they will come. What do Millennials want when it comes to food? Fresh, tasty, and relatively healthy meals at a decent price.

What’s the trick?

Statistics show millennials have a tendency to visit grocery stores occasionally. Enticing them into supermarkets is like making lazy people work hard the whole day. Grocerants have almost solved the problem. More and more supermarkets are considering creating grocerants not only to compete with the popular restaurant chains but to attract those who represent more than a quarter of the nation’s population – millennials.

What do grocerants offer?

Grocerants offer restaurant-inspired meals that are promised to be delicious and healthy (I doubt it, of course) at the same time, not to mention that the price is pretty low. With a wide range of specialty categories, you can enjoy seafood, Asian, and barbecue meal options among the others. But be a picky eater and make sure you buy healthier options.

Will restaurants disappear in the nearest future?

Of course, no. People who have money will never opt for grocerant meals. Plus, grocerants are not a romantic place for dates and proposals. No matter how hard supermarkets try, they will never displace restaurants. The popularity of restaurants may become a bit lower with time, but they will never disappear, don’t worry.

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Bottom line: Grocerants are great but your kitchen is better. Whenever you have time, cook at home. If you have no time, choose the healthiest meals available at grocerants. Depending on where you live, grocerants may be different so it is hard to advice what to eat better.

Can you give me a hand and recommend what it is best to buy at grocerants? How often to do eat out? Do you believe grocerants are better than restaurants? Please share your tips, experience and thoughts in the comment section.