How to Become Best Friends with Your Dormmates

Feb 24, 2021

You have never shared a room with anyone and now you are scared and confused. But do you know that student years are one of the most exciting and memorable? When I was a student I met lots of great people and my best friend as well. Sharing a room with an absolutely unknown person might be challenging at first, but it will be a priceless experience in your life. Check out several tips on how to become best friends with your dormmates.

1 Agree on some basic rules

This is the essential rule of any good relationship. Make a list of the things that are/aren’t allowed to both of you and stick to it. Decide on the studying time, cleaning, and visiting hours. Not only will it make your routine easier, but can also help to avoid misunderstandings and quarrels. It’s important to talk about male guests and overnight visitors. If needed, you may set some rules for your visitors. When I was a student our room was frequently full of friends and visitors, but I tried not to turn it into the social center.

2 Discuss the issues at once

You will escape many fights if you start talking about the problem once you feel it’s necessary. When you accumulate the little things, they grow bigger and chances are you will say a lot of unpleasant things you don’t really mean. Your dormmates simply cannot know or notice some things. That’s why negotiations are always the right thing to consider. My dormmate was always forgetting to take away her wet towel from the dresser and it was just unbearable. When she performed the same thing several times, I explained that it was a bit irritating and an annoying bad habit. That’s it.

3 Respect your dormmates and their stuff

While it may sound weird, I still consider this point worth talking about. This is the cause of most conflicts and misunderstandings between dormmates. Just because you are the dormmates doesn’t mean you have to share everything you have. If you think that wearing their clothes or using their cosmetics is okay, they may think in an absolutely different way. Always ask for permission when you want to borrow, use or take any item. Certain boundaries are always welcome.

4 Explore together

Common memories and experiences are the right things that pull people together. You are newcomer and you have no idea about the territory of the campus. So why not explore the campus together? Generally speaking, any activity you can share will be of advantage. You can become workout buddies or you may turn out to be the fans of the same band.

5 Accept the need of private space

I really appreciate togetherness and I was always a good mixer, but sometimes even such an easygoing person like me needs some personal space and me-time. You spend every minute together and you need to take a break once in a while. It’s absolutely okay. Discuss this question with your dormmates well in advance so that you won’t have any problems during the school year.

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6 Get to know each other better

You won’t become best friends at once, but you can do a lot in order to establish a good relationship from the very start. Take an interest in her hobbies, family, or academic preferences. Everybody loves to be asked questions about their personality. Getting to know each other better will make your living together less stressful and chances are you will have pretty much in common!

7 Tolerance makes a difference

This tip will help you to get along with the dormmate and will help you go far in life as well. Your dormmates may be from other countries with different traditions, religions, and views. Be careful with the stereotypes and prejudgment, your ideas about the subject may be superficial and incorrect. Most probably your overseas dormmates will need some help during the period of adaptation to the new surrounding and lifestyle. Sharing a room with an international student is a unique chance to learn another culture and language. Don’t miss it!

8 Tiny wisdom

I always treat people as I’d like to be treated. This is the golden rule of any relationship and it works no matter what. Mutual give and take is another crucial factor of your friendship. Try to give without wanting anything in return. Of course, chances are you would be pushed about. But in most cases, people respond with kindness and partnership to such a strategy.

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Becoming best friends with your dormmates is much easier than you might think! Positive thinking and attitude will make you a good company and easy person to cohabit with. Just try to stay open and friendly and remember that it’s possible to find common language with any person. Are you best friends with your dormmates?