5 Awesome Ways to Spend Your Last Week of College

The highlight of your college days has finally arrived. I bet you thought you would never see this day, right? Those years of grueling studies, papers, presentations, and internships are finally going to pay off – and you will have a shiny degree to hang on the walls of your professional office.

Still, you have one last week as a college student, so how are you going to spend it? Not sloshed, I hope. Though your time for alcohol-induced shenanigans will surely come, there are more constructive ways to send off your final days as a campus-goer. Here are some awesome ways to spend your last week of college without ever picking up a bottle of alcohol:

1 Set up another kind of bar

One of the best things you can do for freshman and the new incoming students is to show them that college is not actually all about drinking and getting wasted. Set up a different kind of bar, like a popcorn, crepe, or cupcake bar. Invite your wise, soon-to-be graduate friends to dish out good eats and wisdom to the newbies.

Encourage them to be smart about their college years, to stay healthy, to eat well, and to make connections to people of all ages and grade levels. Take pictures of your snack bar, too, and send it into the college newspaper or magazine to share the fun and inspire the next year graduates to do the same.

2 Mentor an incoming freshman or transfer student

So many freshman and transfer students become overwhelmed and disillusioned within the first and second semesters of college. Ever if they have previous college experience, every school has a culture that is unique and immersive.

Therefore, being that you survived the university or college, you are one of the experts for getting through the years relatively unscathed. Share your wisdom with one of the inbound freshmen or transfer students.

Give them the details about how to deal with issues like class scheduling, full parking lots, and decent places to eat and study in peace. Do for someone else what you wish someone did for you during your first year of college.

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3 Donate to the school

If you had an amazing experience at the college and hope that for the next century or so the school can continue to educate the future, give a small donation directly to the school or towards scholarships. Who knows, if you were a scholarship student that had most of their expenses paid for, why not pay it forward? College tuition is by no means affordable, so lessen the burden for another great mind.

4 Drop in on your favorite professor from year 1

Surprising a professor that had an influence on you during your freshman year, especially during a seminar class, to share in your experiences, is such an awesome way to kick off your graduation.

If you know they are not the kind of person who wants class time interrupted, meet up with them as they head to their lunch break and greet them with some coffee and a snack. Although the student-teacher relationship will always remain, you can now speak on a more equal level, and it will be awesome.

5 Reconnect with old friends

Similar to meeting up with a professor, send greetings to freshman year friends that you might have lost contact with. Let them know that you are thinking of them and their journey. Also, let them know you are looking forward to cheering for them at graduation. Offer to network with them on a professional level because you never know where those connections will get you later on.

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Congratulations on successfully completely college. While you might want to party hard, stay away from the celebrations until after you have your degree. Instead, reconnect with old friends, make new ones, and leave your university or college on a positive note.