9 Tips on How to Survive Your First Year of College

Aug 7, 2018

The first year of college is one of the best and the most interesting periods of life. You should be strong enough to step into the next stage of your life without doubts and hesitations. On the one hand, it can be stressing to leave your town and start communicating with the people you don’t know, but when you get used to the atmosphere, you’ll really appreciate and love the time spent in college.

Don’t overload your brain with different questions in order to avoid anxiety and fears. You’d better think positively and find more opportunities and pleasant moments during your first year of college. I don’t want to scare you and steal your desire to go to college, but a freshman year can be a challenging thing. I also found it difficult to handle my study when I was a first year student in my college. I couldn’t collect my mind and had no idea how to thrive in that difficult world. Later I bounced back and learned on how to manage my time properly.

Moreover, I met a lot of new and exciting people who helped me to be on the positive wave. The main point I want to advise you is that the decisions you make during the freshman year will have a significant impact on your college study and the whole life. These pieces of advice will fill you with confidence and bravery to face harsh realities of the first year in college.

1 Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone

When I was a first year student I was a bit shy and I treated going to college as a huge life change. New circle of contacts made me hesitate to step outside my comfort zone. My strong traits of character helped me overcome my fears and inner constraint.

There are many wonderful people who can give you a valuable advice and support if you cannot make up your mind to do something. That’s why you should try to be confident while expressing yourself. An active and funny college life will provide you majestic memories.

2 Don’t be afraid to ask for help

There’s a big amount of information you’ve got to know. You might understand how to register for classes, what the names of your professors are or how to do one or another task in a proper way. College is full of students who are former freshmen. They can give you a helping hand, if you don’t know something.

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Moreover, many professors, teachers and other college members can answer your questions. The sooner you delve into your college life the more chances you’ll have to get the reputation of a successful student and become knowledgeable.

3 Manage your time

Time management is an extremely important skill that will come in handy in everyday usage for the rest of your life. Your future success depends on the way you spend your free time. At college, it’s necessary to find time for studies and for having fun. One of the best ways to manage your time during the first year is to make a schedule. It will help you succeed and reach all goals you need.

I always tried to set priorities in my study and paid more attention to the subjects I was really interested in. But it’s better to develop your skills in other subjects as well, because the professors expect you to be prepared and ready to answer.

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4 Use the campus study resources

Many students complain about the lack of literature and about the high prices of textbooks. Why not use the resources offered by a college you’re studying at? There are many databases, labs and libraries, which can help you expand your mind.

If you have some difficulties, you can get valuable information using e-books that are available through the college account. This abundance of information is created to improve the students’ skills and learning experience.

5 Set priorities

You should find time to cognize yourself and realize what really interests you. Take the responsibility for yourself and choose the list of majors you want to study. Sure, you have the right to change the majors during the course of your college career, but it’s desirable to make a right decision faster.

If you’re not sure what subjects to choose, then try to visit a couple of classes in order to understand what is better for you.

6 Look for opportunities

As far as I know, every respected college has a range of student programs, competitions, part-time campus jobs. Plus, you can get acquainted with people who will help you start a successful career.

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When I was a freshman student I had a chance to take a 4 week course in Europe. Also, many of my friends worked as volunteers at local hospitals.

7 Learn how to prioritize

One of the hardest things to do is to prioritize a student’s life. I want you to know that the most important thing to do is to find balance in various activities of your life. It’s very difficult to deal with different subjects and students’ organizations at the same time.

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First of all, you need to learn how to manage your time, because it is a key component to academic success. Then you’ll be able to organize and prioritize your study, social and private life.

8 Join student organizations

Nowadays all college campuses offer you a big variety of student organizations. Different social and sport organizations can help you express yourself and discover your interests. As a student of the first course you need to make friends and get involved in different student communities.

Your membership will improve your reputation in college and fill your busy student’s life with new emotions and adventures.

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9 Enjoy student life

Your study at college can be tough, but this period of life is the most colorful. During you study, you develop your personality both mentally and physically and meet new friends. Moreover, you can have fun, fall in love and enjoy these four greatest years of your life.

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I hope this article will rid you of all fears which keep you anxious about your first year. You need to remember that you are the only who’s responsible for your study. That’s why you should learn on how to manage your time and prioritize the main spheres of both college and private life.