10 College Degrees with the Worst Return on Investment

Nov 11, 2019

With the staggering cost of higher education, ROI must be given priority. Not all degrees are at par and hence selecting a college degree is as essential as investing in stocks. A little knowledge can go miles – that’s with most things.

Learning about college degrees and their outcomes could be enough to deter anyone from wasting time and money on a degree that does not pay off. Here are ten college degrees with the worst return on investment.

1 Philosophy

One of the reasons why so many college students choose philosophy is to learn how to use their minds. Philosophy teaches us to think, analyze, and question, and it helps us find that purpose of life. But is it worth money?

Although the average salary keeps increasing, many students decide to change their career because they realize that philosophy is great for their minds, but not for their bank accounts. This college degree with the worst return on investment rarely returns educational investments.