8 Online Schools That Offer Free Laptops

In this day and age, it is difficult to find time – or money – to continue your education. Fortunately, there are a few schools out there that can help you out. These online colleges offer more than just a graduate or bachelor’s degree – they give you a laptop, free of charge, to keep for life beyond the classroom. If you are looking to go to a college that offers a free laptop, here are 8 options to consider:

1 CollegeAmerica

Gain a degree in healthcare, business, technology or graphic arts from CollegeAmerica, and once you graduate, that computer is yours to keep for the rest of your life. Even better, CollegeAmerica is willing to help you with your application every step of the way – they will help you transfer credit, find financial aid, and much more. Do note, however, that the affiliated college Independence University offers all online programs here, but not CollegeAmerica itself.

2 Seton Hill University

If you are a teacher looking to get a master’s degree in special education, Seton Hill is a fantastic option. The university does not just give out any laptop – if you are a full-time student, Seton Hill will provide you with a Macbook Air. For free.

Seton Hill places a huge emphasis on online work, even for its physical students, which means its online classes are bound to be well organized. And although it is a Catholic affiliated school, everyone is welcome to apply and enter.

3 Full Sail University

This online university offers every full-time student a MacBook Pro. If you are looking for a degree in film, design, web design, animation, or entertainment business (among many other possibilities) Full Sail could be the perfect place for you.

Its laptops do not come empty; depending on the major you choose, you could also have ZBrush, Adobe CC, and several other great programs installed. Not to mention that it has more students attending its online college than its actual campus, since they have a focus on the online students, which could be a huge bonus to anyone who applies there.

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4 ICDC College

Online students at ICDC get the option of a laptop given for no additional charge. The particular model you receive is not consistent from year to year, but it is still a free laptop, so complaining really would not be worth the time. In addition to that, any software you need for your classes will already be programmed on your new, free laptop.

5 Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

At Saint Mary’s, you are guaranteed an iPad included in your tuition. This university has a large collection of online possibilities they do not want any of their students to miss, and if you choose to learn there, you will not miss out on them either. They offer online degrees in nursing, educational leadership, special education and several other areas that you can discover by clicking the link.

6 Bethel University

Bethel also offers you the use of an iPad, if you attend their online college full time. If you are interested in getting a degree in liberal arts, Bethel could be a good fit for you. A wireless keyboard and all the programs you will need to succeed in class will be loaded onto your iPad before you even get your hands on it.

7 Stevens-Henager College

Full time online students get a free laptop that has all the Stevens-Henager software installed. This college offers associates, bachelor’s and master’s degrees online in a wide variety of majors. New classes do not start once a semester, but once a month, so signing up for classes any time of the year is easy and quick. Get more information here.

8 Azusa Pacific University

At this college, you can get an online degree in 32 different programs, including psychology, an associate of the arts, and business principles. Along with that degree, they have a laptop program that grants you access to – you guessed it – a laptop. Get more information here.

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As the world becomes ever more focused on technology, many colleges are trying to connect with students using online programs and lessons. This, for the colleges noted above and quite a few others, has resulted in the brilliant idea of giving students laptops.

However, it is important to note that for many of the schools above, owning a laptop is contingent upon you actually being in the school or not dropping out. Be sure to read the fine print.