8 Lucrative Jobs You Don’t Need a Degree for

Society has conditioned us to believe that professional success is directly proportionate to the number of degrees, certificates, and diplomas we receive. Graduating high school is a reasonable starting point for most people, but a high school diploma alone isn’t usually enough to make you a millionaire. If your goal is to make something of yourself and land that six-figure salary, society tells you that you need some sort of tertiary education. However, is society right?

Even in the wake of society’s high-educational standards, bachelor degrees are a dime a dozen. Most undergraduate degrees aren’t much more than a piece of paper sufficient enough to (maybe) win you an interview. If you have your sights set on success and six-figures, look beyond the undergraduate studies and go to graduate school. However, even then, you run the risk of not being able to get a job right away and you end up being stuck with a ton of student loan debt. Have the rules of success changed that much?

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The truth is that the basic rules of success haven’t changed at all. In fact, there are eight degree-not-required jobs that come with enormous earning potential and prove that you can be a success with a little hard work and without a four-year education, assuming that you can be the best in your field, of course. Don’t get me wrong, I highly appreciate people who have an opportunity to go to a university.

But if you can’t afford to study, it’s doesn’t mean that you are an uneducated person who doesn’t deserve a well-paid job. Here are 8 wonderful yet lucrative jobs you don’t need a degree for.

1 Nanny

Being responsible for other people’s children can be a difficult task and is not for the faint of heart, but for a potential $180,000 a year the problem can be easily overlooked for some people. And while $180,000 a year isn’t an average nanny’s salary, an average nanny can make a fabulous living at her craft, plus perks.

However, this job takes endurance, dedication, patience and the desire to care for other people’s kids. So if you love kids, why not choose it as your career path? You can even work on a live-in basis, if needed.