10 Worst Jobs Ever and Why

Nov 18, 2019

For many workers, the workplace environment is something to survive, rather than one to enjoy and thrive in. Emotional factors, earnings levels, advancement opportunities, job stability, stress levels, and other factors tend to make life at the average office far less than satisfactory.

Yet, some jobs tend to stand out. If you can possibly manage it, you should consider giving the unsatisfactory careers on this list a wide berth.

1 Reporter

Not only do journalists constantly worry about coming up with good ideas, developing stories requires going out and talking to dozens of people each day, as well. If you get your facts wrong, your employer may get sued and you could be out of a job. Meanwhile, live each day at a new organization revolves around unforgiving daily deadlines.

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At a median income level of $37,000, the pay isn’t great and the competition for jobs is stiff. The future for journalism is troubled, too: with free online news eating into the profit margins of established news organizations, job security in this field tends to be questionable. For those who love journalism, though, it’s a career area that inspires a great deal of passion.