9 Jobs That Will Not Exist in 2020

Jan 31, 2019

Remember that old saying about buggy whip makers being driven out of business by the automobile? Guess what? There are not only people who still make buggy whips, but entire buggies for Old West theme parks.

There are also people who still set metal type by hand, print books on handmade paper and bind them – for the collector’s market. That does not mean that some jobs are not in danger. The speed with which technology and societies are changing will soon make several fields become obsolete. Here are the nine disappearing jobs in 2020.

1 Paper currency forgers

Not only is the worldwide economy becoming increasingly cashless, what currency does change hands has become so sophisticated that it costs a forger more to fake that the face value is worth.

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As for the underground economy, not only is the technology for telling genuine from fake bills readily available, trying to pass bad paper with people like that is simply not worth the risk.