7 Problems We Encounter in a Technology Rich World

Oct 27, 2022

Even though technology is supposed to make our lives easier, it often causes us even more problems. Do you often use a tablet or a smartphone? Do you spend most of your time online? Of course, you do, as almost everyone has gadgets and waste hours web surfing. Internet addiction disorder is currently one of the most serious problems humanity has to deal with. Regardless of how many disadvantages technology has, there are many problems we encounter besides the Internet addiction disorder. Check out some of them below.

1 Time

Living in a technology rich world seems to help us save time. It’s true… partially. Think about how much time do you spend chatting with friends online, watching videos or just leafing through some colorful pictures? Your phone can suddenly break for no reason and your laptop can hang and you can lose important information. Look at the kids – they are all obsessed with social media and computer games. So do you still believe technology helps us get more done during the day? Maybe we could spend our time even more efficiently without all those innovations.

2 Discontent

The biggest problem of all technologies is that we`re never fully contented with them. No matter what laptop you have, there`s a better one you`d like to get. Even if today you have the newest gadget, there`ll be the improved one to buy tomorrow. We often have misunderstandings with computers and their softwares that need to be fixed and it also annoys a lot. The more people improve their technology, the more problems they encounter.

3 Friends

Are you a social media user? Nowadays most people are and everyone has hundreds of online friends. You probably also have about 200, 500 or 700 so-called friends that you haven`t even seen ever in your life. Do you feel the difference between online friends and real friends? Friends are people whom you can rely on and share grief and happiness with. Can you rely on your online friends?

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4 Children

Today’s young generation can`t imagine their life without smartphones, tablets, computers and the Internet. Most children lose their sight at a very early age because of modern technology. They suffer from the lack of movement and many of them have already forgotten how the sunshine looks like. Furthermore, children now have an access to all that adult stuff that effects them badly and can even cause psychological frustrations.

5 The screen size really matters

The screen size of your phone is another irony in a modern world of technology and here`s why… Do you remember when cell phones only started to appear? That time cell phones were huge sized and that was a real problem. Then they gradually became smaller and thinner. The smaller size of cell phone you had the cooler you were. Now we need the bigger screens and again our smartphones become bigger. What`s actually going on?

6 Buy, buy, buy!

In truth, old things work better and longer than new ones. My parents bought an iron when they were teenagers. Even though they don`t use it now, that iron is still ready to work after twenty five years. You wouldn`t find the thing of the same quality on the modern market. Nowadays it`s easier to buy the new one if something is wrong with your gadget as it`s extremely expensive to fix them.

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7 Naive expectations

Do you remember those old movies about the estimated future? More than 30 years ago people thought that the humanity would have flying cars and robot-workers in 2000s. It`s so funny to compare old naive expectations with the current reality. This is probably the biggest irony of a technology rich world.

Technology is an irreplaceable part of every modern person`s life. Technology definitely helps us yet there are so many ironic things about it too. Perhaps we will never stop using our smartphones and laptops, but it’s critical to realize that living in a technology rich world isn’t as simple as it seems. Avoid spending too much time online and remember about your real family and real friends. What things do you hate about technology?