Want to Have More Friends? 7 Tricks to Be a Better Friend

Oct 25, 2022

Everyone want to have friends, but not everyone can be a good friend. First of all, let’s find out what friendship is. I think that friendship is a kind of relationship where two or more people are bound together. These people have common interests, values and outlooks. Such relationships are usually based on mutual understanding and trust. It often happens that two absolutely different personalities begin to think the same way and use humor to entertain each other.

Just like love, friendship is a sacred feeling that brings emotional safety and happiness. Unfortunately, many people don’t appreciate friendship, but every person wants to have a lot of true friends. We often yearn to gain more than give, but it doesn’t work like that all the time, because people try to find like-minded friends. No one will tolerate someone’s rudeness, constant betrayals and humiliation. Friendship implies the observance of certain rules and moral obligations. The friend should be sure that you will give them a helping hand, if needed.

Friendship is an exciting and challenging thing. It teaches us to rejoice, support each other when going through hard times and treat your friends with love and respect. It’s also very important to keep responsibility for your friendship, because it’s your choice. If you want to have more true friends, here are a few tricks you may want to try.

1 Try to be useful to your friends

Friendship is not a contract. It’s the union of two people, who cooperate, have fun and spend a lot of time together. Why not create something good for the welfare of your friend? I think that it’s a noble and generous deed. The best friend is an essential part of your life. By all means, don’t be greedy with your dearest and nearest. It doesn’t mean that you should supply your friends with money and goods all the time, because you’re not their sponsor. At least, don’t refuse to do your friend a small favor, if they ask you for help. You may do it without request. Such a small and pleasant act of kindness and surprises will draw you together.

When your friend is asking for a valuable advice, you should show your creativity. The phrase “I don’t know” is very dangerous. It proves that you fear to take the responsibility for your words and no will to support. As a caring friend, you should share your point of view and say how would you behave or act in such situation. Moreover, learn to help your friends without expecting something in return.

2 Don’t play a double game

Nowadays people are ready to sacrifice friendship and do the elbow work in order to achieve a desirable result. Artificial friends can easily hide insincerity behind a fake smile. You should always remember that this approach can break people’s hearts. There’s nothing worse than realizing that your friend play a double game. They usually make a convenience of others in order to earn more money or satisfy their needs. Thanks to these cruel people, many of us don’t believe in friendship anymore.

It often happens that weak personalities fear to say the bitter truth and end the friendship. They begin to backbite their former friends. If you want to have a true friend, you should forget about duplicity and get rid of the habit of sitting on the fence. Try to be devoted to your friend and family.

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3 Suppress your ambitions

It’s not bad to be ambitious, but when it comes to friendship, you should be careful about it, because all people are absolutely equal. If you prefer to look down on your friends, then sooner or later they’ll notice your negative quality. Your friendship won’t last long, if you don’t make an attempt to suppress the fire of your ambitions. You’d better develop the skill to build and strengthen friendship, instead of focusing on your superiority and destructive ambitions. If your friend isn’t rich enough, then pay attention to their inner nature, values and other accomplishments.

4 Spend more time with friends

You’ll never find time to meet or hang out with your friends, if a friendship is not priority for you. You don’t necessarily to visit night clubs or organize regular parties. You just can just meet somewhere in the park and share your feelings, which stimulate emotions and happiness. I have always believed that a pleasant communication with friends is the best therapy against sorrow. Plus, it’s the source of positivity and the greatest meaning of life for many people, because true friends give inspiration and good mood.

Everyone knows that shopping without friends is extremely boring and even pointless thing. This weekend you may go shopping together. This activity will bring both of you unforgettable memories. There’re many other ways to spend time with friends, but shopping seems to be the best.

5 Learn to keep secrets

Not long ago, my friend told me that women’s friendship is not as strong as men’s, because women cannot keep secrets. Frankly speaking, I don’t agree with his point of view. I know that everything depends on the willpower of people, no matter the gender. All you have to do is to develop the skill to keep your lips sealed.

If your friend decided to share her secret with you, then this info shouldn’t be known to anyone other than you and your friend. One day, she may tell you that it’s not a secret any more. Since that moment you are free to share her experiences or stories with anybody else.

6 Build an emotional connection

The ability to feel the emotions of your friend is crucially important. Friendship cannot be strong, if you focus on your issues only. It’s easy to hide sorrow with a help of a fake smile. Only a true friend can quickly distinguish between a real happiness and the mask of a good mood. If you’ve noticed that your friend is worrying about something, do your best to help relief their anxiety. Concrete actions will help the friend to bounce back in a quite short period of time. The main thing is to be patient enough to bear this short-term negativity and motivate your friend to handle the situation and move on.

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7 Stay positive

No matter how you slice it, negativity is a contagious thing. Your friend will always hear you out, but they cannot absorb all this stuff every day and every minute. I know that life can be difficult, but we should learn to laugh with one eye and weep with the other. The statistics prove that optimists have more friends, because it’s easier to communicate with positive people. But what about the proverb, “A friend in need is a friend indeed”? Yes, that’s true. The secret is not to make your friends shoulder the heavy burden of your life issues all the time. Solve the problems together, but don’t forget about humor and common positive activities.

Life without friendship is poor and incomplete. If you want to have a lot of true friends, you have just to be a good person and never stop working on self-improvement. I hope these little pieces of advice helped you understand what friendship is and learn how to behave with your friends. Nothing is perfect in this world, especially when it comes to people. Don’t be hard on yourself and your friends. Do you believe in a true friendship? What other things should we do to be a good friend?