10 Great Part-Time Jobs

Apr 15, 2020

Whether you just need to escape the 9-to-5 grind for something more flexible or simply need to work in retirement, these part-time jobs can be just what you need. If you are not aware of the specific kinds of opportunities available today, though, it can be difficult knowing where to start looking. If this is the challenge you face, the ideas on this list should help you.  

1 Customer service jobs

Work-at-home customer service opportunities are an excellent idea for those who can’t leave home. There are many high-quality sites that offer detailed listings for opportunities with Apple, Convergys, and Amazon among dozens of other companies.

With pay ranging from $10 to $15 an hour, these are jobs that you can actually live on while choosing exactly how much to work.

2 Work-at-home sales jobs


If you believe that you have the gift of the gab, home party sales can be a good employment idea: your job will be to make calls to persuade people to throw home sales parties for products like Tupperware.

There are multiple destinations for this type part-time job opportunity.

3 Seasonal jobs


While summer jobs and other seasonal employment opportunities are generally the province of school and college kids, of late, retirees have begun trying them out, too.

Whether you would like to work on a farm, teach in another country for a short time or work as a guest guide at a vacation resort during summer, find websites that have excellent listings.

While these jobs only last a few months each year, they tend to pay very well.  

4 Freelance work online


If you have skills in programming, marketing, writing, administrative work, online research, photography, graphic design, animation, illustration, or one of dozens of other areas, you can try freelancing online. While sites such as Freelance and Fiverr offer work in a wide variety of areas, some sites are specific ones.

Behance.net, for instance, is for photography, illustration and other artistic work. Earnings tend to be slow to pick up on these sites. Once you establish yourself, though, you should begin earning hundreds each month.

5 Temp jobs


For those who have a college degree and would like to find good work as interim executives, staffing and recruitment companies such as Flex Force Professionals and Ten Til Two have good, long-term part-time jobs year-round. 

6 Phlebotomist


A phlebotomist is a person who works for a clinical lab and visits patients at home to collect their blood samples.

While you do need a state license for this line of work, it does not take more than a high school diploma and a few days’ training to get ready. An engaging line of work, collecting blood samples part-time pays around $15 an hour.

7 Online tutoring

If you have excellent knowledge of a subject and good teaching skills you may like to help others learn while making at least $30 an hour.

You get complete control over your hours, and make as much or as little as you want. Whether you would like to teach online or in person, dozens of companies on the Internet offer employment.  

8 Food service


Bartenders, coffee shop baristas, and breakfast restaurant servers do not make much money in actual wages.

They make generous amounts in tips, though. For bartenders in busy bars, walking away with $200 in tips is common at the end of each shift.

9 Secretarial positions

Technology has replaced full-time secretaries. These days, secretaries only work part-time, usually from home. Work-at-home websites have listings for these jobs that pay $25 an hour. 

10 Nanny

For stay-at-home moms and others those who have childcare skills, a nanny’s job can be a reasonably well-paying one. Hourly rates usually exceed the minimum wage and the work is completely flexible. 

Most of the jobs on this list require no special skills. If you are willing to try something new, these flexible earning opportunity can be just the ticket.