10 Great Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms

For many moms who stay home to look after their families, nothing beats spending time with their children as they grow and learn. Living off of one income can be hard though, and it does not hurt to earn a bit of extra cash.  Here are ten jobs that are flexible enough for stay-at-home moms.  

1 Tutoring

Many moms with expertise to share fit in tutoring sessions after school to help students with homework or teach specific school subjects or a musical instrument. 

Advertise for students and get your friends to recommend you, and enjoy the extra money.  

2 Pet sitting

If you like pets you could open up your own boarding kennels or cattery business. On a smaller scale you could try pet sitting for a few people’s beloved animals while they go on vacation.

Simply search online for “pet sitters” to find a list of companies to join so that people can contact you about taking care of their animals. Alternatively, advertise locally or start with family and friends.  

3 Direct sales

Just like the Avon or Tupperware ladies you remember from your childhood, you could become an expert at direct sales. Various companies sell products such as jewelry, clothing, lingerie, cosmetics, and cookware. 

Time will need to be set aside for organization, party planning and advertising, but these jobs often come with bonuses and rewards for good sales figures.  

4 Sewing

If you can sew, set up shop at home and do garment alterations, sew clothing for specific orders, or make the things you like and sell them at a market or on a website.

Homemade toy and baby products like blankets, play mats, and cloth nappies are other options.  

5 Freelance business

Think about what you know and love, and see if you can make a freelance business out of it. Using your own website or an existing platform like eBay, you can sell crafts, baking, second hand goods, or services like writing and proofreading.

Try buying products in bulk cheaply then selling them on, or combining them into a range of gift baskets to sell at a market or send to customers.  

6 At-home day care

Some day care companies pay parents to work with other people’s children while taking care of their own kids at home. 

Benefits include not having to go out to work, having playmates for your own kids, spending time with children, and supplementing your income without having to change your lifestyle.  

7 Exchange student host

If your home is near a tertiary institution or college and you have an extra bedroom, why not host an exchange student?

International students need a family homestay to help them learn the language and culture and settle into life in a foreign country. Many moms love having an older kid around the house, and the whole family can learn about the student’s culture too.  

8 Blogging

If you are one of the lucky people with something interesting to write about, you could turn your hobby into a paid job.

Start a blog about an area of expertise, crafts, cooking or fashion, and make money by marketing your blog, guest-blogging on other sites to increase readership, and including Google ads to bring in some revenue.  

9 Office work

Numerous companies need office support, and customer service phone work, data entry and processing, proofreading and article writing can be outsourced.

To find a job, check the internet for openings at websites such as WAHM.com, or ask local businesses or places you have worked at before if they have paid work you can do from home.  

10 Secret shopper

A dream job for most moms, shopping could be the career for you. Search the Internet for secret shopper jobs or downloadable apps, and start earning by going to certain stores and providing feedback on products or customer service. Be careful to choose a legitimate company and avoid scams.

Although it can be daunting to go back to work, some of these ideas could be the easiest way to get back into employment again. Enjoy the rewarding feeling of earning your own money while still being available for your family.