10 Businesses Anyone Can Start

Many people dream of running their own business but never fulfill their dream. If you have been thinking that you would like to have your own business, but are not sure what it should be, the following ideas may help. Each business idea is simple enough that anyone can do it.

1 Transcription

Can you type? Then you should be able to work as a transcriptionist. The job is fairly simple, though time-consuming.

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You will receive sound files from clients and you need to type them up and submit the transcript. While there are some tricks and tips that can help you improve, for the most part, transcription is something anyone can do.

2 Mailbox rental agency

You do not need any special knowledge to set up a mailbox rental, just an address. If you offer a quality service, a good security system will be necessary.

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People can rent the box for a few dollars a month and you can set up as many boxes as you like, using the same address. Rented addresses are useful for people who do not have a home address or who want a more prestigious one.

3 Cleaning service

Even if you are not a great cleaner yourself, you can offer cleaning services and simply hire people to do the dirty work.

However, it is not difficult to learn how to scrub a toilet and vacuum a carpet. You can provide your services to homeowners on a regular basis, as well, making ongoing money.

4 Equipment rental service

Pick a niche to focus on and start renting equipment. For instance, you could rent baby cribs and car seats to travelers who do not want to bring their own, or you could rent power washers and cement mixers to homeowners.

Nearly every type of heavy equipment can be rented since people do not want to spend the money to buy their own for a one time job.

5 Errand service

Not everyone has the ability to head to the grocery store when they need to get some food.

You can provide a valuable service by driving the elderly to doctor’s appointments, picking up parcels for the infirm, and doing shopping for those who can’t manage it themselves. You can also charge a nice fee for the job.

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6 Social media promotion

Do you use Twitter or Facebook? Set yourself up as a social media promoter and start talking up your clients.

The amount of responsibility you have will range from simply setting up a Facebook page for a client to completely handling all social media for them, including posting and responding to questions.

7 Tutoring service

Everyone is good at something and there is likely someone who is interested in hiring you for your particular expertise.

Even if you do not feel you have any marketable skills, you can hire people who are good at various school subjects. You make all the arrangements, do all the promotion and keep a chunk of the money earned by your tutors.

8 Internet cafe

Even with people accessing the Internet on their cell phones, Internet cafes are thriving.

It does require an investment since you will need several computers and furniture for your customers, but the money is well spent. Create a themed space or offer extra services like photocopying and printing to increase revenue.

9 Bed and breakfast

Anyone with a little extra space in their home can turn it into a bed and breakfast. Make sure you find out what the zoning rules are in your area before you begin.

You will be providing people with a place to spend the night and a tasty breakfast in the morning, which is simple enough. Depending on where you live and how nice your house is, you may be able to charge quite a bit per night.

10 Treasure hunt business

People love treasure hunts and while anyone can set up a hunt, most won’t. That is where you will come in. Create fun treasure searches for birthday parties and reunions and you will find there are plenty of people who want the service.

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You do not have to stick to general business ideas. Take one of the above ideas and add your own personal twist to make it yours. Or, start a business doing what you really love. Either way, it will be all yours.