5 Reasons Ladies Should Start Businesses Together

Dec 8, 2017

The fairer gender is associated with a lot of traits that would make having two of them in business seem ‘two’ much. These traits include pettiness, jealousy, impulsiveness, sentimentality, etc. While these qualities are no-go areas when it comes to business, they do not necessarily mean that an all-women enterprise will fail.

Female business partnerships can survive, even if it starts on the platform of friendship (though many advise against it) as long as you both understand that it is business and nothing personal. Therefore, as long as you know a lady you are certain can produce profitable ideas and whose values you admire, then go for it because:

1 Mutuality

This is a major reason that should help you decide if an all-girl partnership is worth venturing into. Partnering with another woman means that you both have a lot in common, biologically and socially, considering the traditional roles that society dumps on women most times which many men do not understand. An in-depth understanding of each other is what makes a business partnership stand strong and being of the same sex gives you that upper hand.

2 Support

Going hand-in-hand with #1, the mutual background allows both of you support each other and make up for where the other is lacking. You can look out for each other and put in place conditions that favor both of you while also ensuring the stability of the business enterprise. You never know, through a partnership, a lifelong friendship may be born and who knows, you can start up something like gift-booking.

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3 Confidence

Being partners with a man comes with its challenges. Inadvertently, your male partner may make you feel underrated because you are a woman. On the flipside, working with a woman eliminates that.

You two can inspire each other to be rock stars. You can be yourself and also be bold enough to trust your instincts. You won’t have to worry about a man with ego issues breathing down your neck.

4 Flexibility and freedom

If you start a business with a lady, there tends to be more wiggle room for you. Most women are homemakers, and so since they have to do well in a boardroom, they also have to man the household. Thus, to excel on both fronts, she needs someone who understands and who doesn’t perceive her need for flexibility as weakness, it’s a major requirement for the business to work.

5 Accountability

Having a partner means that you have someone else looking over your shoulder and making sure that you not only commit to your business partnership but also you follow through in the best ways possible. Both of you can motivate each other and learn to be responsible. Therefore, when you are involved in business with another lady, you can be accountable to each other without feeling pressured.

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Truly, women tend to be emotional but female business partnerships involving the right women can be very successful – ask the Olsen twins. People will always say that ladies starting a business together will never work, letting go of such misconceptions is the key to breaking records.