How to Make Friends in Your 30s

Getting older comes with a list of responsibilities that seem to inevitably bring us farther apart from the friends that used to support us when we were younger. The squad who had your back in middle school was not necessarily the same as the one in university. Further still are those people who you meet after reaching the big three – oh, who you might be hesitant about trying to befriend. If you want to form new friendships in your 30s, here is how to make friends:

How To Make Friends In Your 30s

1 Putting worries aside

First, you might be wondering if this is the ‘adult’ thing to do. Is it okay to attempt to replace those friendships you had relied on when you were younger? The answer is yes. Humans are practically wired to make new contacts and form new friendships throughout their lives. There is nothing wrong with reaching out to people you have an interest in, no matter how old you get.

Secondly, the whole ritual of meeting with people and deciding that you truly wish to be friends never gets simplified. Awkwardness is bound to happen. However, aging grants us one thing: the ability to make more mature deductions.

We learn as we age how to better communicate with those around us. Yes, you will make some mistakes, but do not that deter you from asking questions and bonding with coworkers or the next door neighbor.

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2 Try small talk

Friendship is not a spontaneous reaction to a wave. Friendship needs to be grown between two individuals before you ever see any fruit. In that light, if you want to meet new people, don’t be afraid to ask questions or start random, casual conversations with those who you see most often. Go back to the school days when those you sat next to in class became the people you found yourself speaking with quite often and apply the same rule here.

Once you get past the daily talk about how the weather is or what the commute into work was like, you can start prying a little further. See if you have anything in common with your conversation partner. If you do, there are grounds for offering to meet up somewhere for lunch or coffee.

3 Get adventurous

Try a new hobby or join a social group that meets up regularly. The great thing about today’s technology is that we can gain an immediate sense of belonging by finding social groups and clubs that pertain to our interests and hobbies. If joining sites like turns you off, try volunteering at events being held nearby or at community centers, go to bars (if that’s your thing), start doing group fitness classes, or go traveling.

Sometimes putting yourself into situations where you need to speak to people you don’t yet know makes it easier to introduce yourself to strangers. A sense of camaraderie will form between you and other members of the group. Better yet, invite others to join the conversations you will certainly be having.

Do not try too hard to come off as overly open and friendly, however. People will see this as desperate and may be steered away.

4 Become a Volunteer

Volunteering is a fantastic way to give back to your new community and make friends. By joining forces with other individuals who share your values and passion for a specific cause, you can build meaningful relationships.

Additionally, volunteering allows you to discover various parts of your new city that you might not otherwise have the chance to explore while meeting new people. With numerous volunteer opportunities available, a simple online search can help you find the perfect one for you. Whether you’re looking to give back or make connections, volunteering is a fantastic option that allows you to make a difference.

5 Join an Online Community

Consider joining an online community like forums, Facebook groups, or Twitter chats to connect with people who share similar interests in your new city. Since you already have something in common with them, it’s easier to start a conversation and get to know them. If you want to take it further, suggest meeting up for a coffee and see where it goes. It may be the first step in forming a new friendship!

6 What if I am an Introvert?

Use your strengths as an introvert to guide you rather than focusing on where you lack confidence. As an introvert, you will have the ability to connect with some people on a much deeper level.

Maybe you are a really good listener and can remember details about a person that will help you form a better conversation next time you happen to speak with them. Choose topics that you can speak at length about, like books or tea or cat videos on Youtube. Also, do not be afraid to utilize social media if you are comfortable with it. This will help you make friends no matter your age.

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Before you begin with trying to make new friends, first believe that you can meet people you will click with. Put aside some time to join a social group or simply speak to someone new at work during the break. You never know where a hello will take you until you try.

Even if you do not make friends immediately, going out into the world with openness and confidence will attract positive energy to you, and you will find yourself with new friends in your 30s in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many friends is normal at 30?

Most people in their 30s can find sufficient social support through having about 3-5 close friends. Additionally, for those in stable relationships, spending time with two other couples once a week or every other week can provide enough social interaction.

How can I be more social at 30?

To be more social at 30, you can try joining social groups or clubs that align with your interests, attending networking events or happy hours, volunteering for local organizations, or taking classes or workshops in areas that interest you. Additionally, reaching out to acquaintances or old friends to catch up or make plans can be a great way to expand your social circle.

How do you make friends in a small town in your 30s?

Making friends in a small town in your 30s can be challenging, but there are ways to connect with others. Some ideas include joining local clubs or organizations, volunteering for community events, attending local festivals or farmers markets, taking classes or workshops at a community center, or simply striking up a conversation with neighbors or coworkers. Additionally, using social media platforms or apps designed for meeting new people in your area can also be helpful.

How do introverts make friends in their 30s?

Introverts can make friends in their 30s by engaging in activities that align with their interests, such as joining online communities or groups, attending small gatherings or events, taking classes or workshops, or volunteering for causes they care about.

Introverts may find it easier to connect with others one-on-one or in small groups, so setting up coffee dates or inviting acquaintances to low-key events can help establish meaningful connections.