7 Simple Ways to Make an Introvert Feel Appreciated

An introvert and an extrovert are like the sun and the moon – the two different personality types that will probably never understand each other. If you are an extrovert who has an introverted sibling, friend, partner or coworker, you may need this little guide to making an introvert feel appreciated, loved and happy.

1 Stay patient when they are quiet

There is nothing more annoying for introverts than being interrupted when they try to process information. When they are quiet, stay patient. While extroverts rarely think before they speak since thoughts occur to them during the conversation, introverts need time to think before they utter a word.

2 Understand them

Do not get offended every time they turn down your invitation. Otherwise, they will feel guilty and depressed, and while you are most likely to forget about it in 10 minutes, they will spend hours overthinking their and yours words. Understanding makes introverts feel appreciated, so if they say they are too tired to party today, just let them spend that night alone.

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3 Talk about their passion

Everyone thinks introverts are quiet, boring and antisocial. The reality is introverts have dreams, hobbies, and goals too. Find out what they are passionate about and show them that you are truly interested in it too. Talk about their dreams once in a while to boost their mood and make them feel awesome.

4 Do what they love

What can be better than doing something meaningful together? Since introverts deeply care about every living creature on Earth, they tend to help them however they can. They love to volunteer so why not join them every now and then? Not only will you make your introverted friend or partner feel appreciated and happy, but you will also help the world.

5 Learn to enjoy the silence together

Show an introvert how you appreciate them without words. Greet them with a smile or hug. Laugh together. Listen to music together. Watch a movie in silence. Stargaze the night sky or simply sit in silence. Okay, you may think it is a boring and even stupid activity, but an introvert will definitely love it. Who knows, maybe you will enjoy the silence too.

6 Travel to new places

Surely, introverts love to stay home, but they also love to explore new places. Introverts enjoy the freedom that comes with traveling. They just feel free and happy, and when they do it with someone they love, they feel genuinely loved and appreciated. Even if it is a short trip to a neighboring town, both of you will become close together.

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7 Do not abandon them at a party

If you are lucky to go to the party with your introverted friend, make sure you do not abandon them no matter what happen. Introverts do not like the crowds and parties, so when you want to invite them, be ready to spend the whole evening together and understand them if they will want to go outside to get some fresh air.

There are many myths about introverts but the truth is introverts make the world a better place. They do the things that others don’t even think about. Yes, they seem a bit strange at times, but we have no right to call them ‘weird,’ ‘antisocial’ and ‘shy.’

Just because you do not understand an introvert does not mean you should run away from them. Introverts make ideal friends and partners. So, never try to fix them, love them for who they are. Do you believe introverts rule the world?