9 Simple Ways to Make an Introvert Feel Appreciated

A typical introvert is a calm, shy, and even reserved person. The personal qualities of an introvert are interpreted in different ways, but one thing unites them – these people do not like and do not know how to talk, in any case, to talk in the way that relatives require them to.

An introvert and an extrovert are like the sun and the moon – the two different personality types that will probably never understand each other. If you are an extrovert who has an introverted sibling, friend, partner or coworker, you may need this little guide to making an introvert feel appreciated, loved and happy.

1. Stay Patient When They Are Quiet

An introvert is a vulnerable person. Therefore, these people react sharply to inattention and may not repeat what has already been said to them to protect themselves from frustration. There is nothing more annoying for introverts than being interrupted when they try to process information.

If the introvert still decides to repeat, he will need additional energy. And the final waste of energy is fraught with the fact that he will simply silence, even if he wants to continue the conversation.

So, when they are quiet, stay patient. While extroverts rarely think before they speak since thoughts occur to them during the conversation, introverts need time to think before they utter a word.