5 Tips for Overcoming Introvert Burnouts

Social exhaustion is a common problem among introverted people. If you are introverted or just shy, you know the struggle of literally forcing yourself to be a part of society and socialize with people that make you feel exhausted. It does not mean you dislike people or you are socially withdrawn. You simply need to set boundaries and learn how to cope with a chaos of the modern society.

1 Learn how to respect yourself

The introvert burnout typically happens among introverts who do not value themselves. Respecting yourself means saying no more often, spending more time doing the things you love, nourishing your body with healthy food, and living the life you want. If you stretch yourself just to satisfy someone else’s needs, you are more likely to suffer from social exhaustion.

2 Create a list of the things you feel guilty

Introverts tend to have super long lists of the things they feel guilty for – from skipping that grand party to their natural disposition. If you are one of them, grab a pen and a piece of paper and write down those things. Now take a look at them and ask yourself, “Should I really feel guilty for it?” The answer should definitely be, “No!”

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3 Learn how to love yourself unconditionally

Self-respect and self-love go hand in hand, but it is important that you realize that you do not have to have a reason to love or respect yourself. Of course, you do not want to become narcissistic, but if you bring yourself down because you do something wrong, it is time to change your attitude. Learning how to love yourself unconditionally will help you reduce the frequency of introvert burnouts.

4 Stop going against your personality

Although it is possible to become an extrovert when you are actually born introvert, and otherwise, going against who you are is exhausting. Visiting events and parties you hate, taking jobs that make you feel trapped inside the cage, forcing yourself spending time with people you dislike, and making yourself do the things that make you feel uncomfortable are all the signs you are going against your introverted personality.

5 Stop overburdening yourself with obligations

You are responsible for your own life, remember? Create limitations and let others know that you are not a ‘yes’ person. Most importantly, you should learn to identify your obligations and their significance. Whenever you feel like you are about to explode in anger or fall and faint, take a break and get rid of the majority of your obligations.

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Finally, realize that you can’t fit into today’s society’s expectations, no matter how hard you try. And you do not have to force yourself to spend a lot of time in the society. Respect and love yourself and avoid an introvert burnout or cope with it right away to prevent mental disorders. If you are an introvert, please let us know about your most effective ways to cope with social exhaustion.