5 Precious Lessons to Learn from True Introverts

Introverts are strange, hermits, unfriendly, selfish, unsociable, rude, shy and … this list is endless because no one will ever understand a true nature of an introverted person. All those traits are a false perception of introverts. Introversion isn’t a shameful secret or a character flaw. It’s a gift.

Introverted people have less fears, and perceive life differently. Their worldview helps them see more and learn more, instead of just talking. They know what the inner peace is and how to find it. They are not afraid of loneliness and don’t have trouble understanding other people, unlike extroverts. Here’s what we all can learn from true introverts.

1 Believe in your own opinion

You mom may be right. Your dad may give you a good advice. Your grandma is overall a walking encyclopedia. But your own opinion is something you should never ignore. Extroverts don’t rely on their opinions and they usually look to others for answers that actually only they can provide.

Like all of us, introverts do care about what others think about them, but they don’t dwell on their opinions. They focus on their own and it helps them take their own decision all alone. When introverts fail, they blame only themselves, because they made that decision. Extroverts, on the contrary, look for someone they can put the blame on.

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2 Spending time alone isn’t a misery

Introverts love their friends, partners and siblings, but they don’t suffer when they stay alone. They always know what to do during ‘me time’ and use this time to the fullest. Meditation, reading, walking and exercising are their favorite activities, even though there are many others too.

Extroverts hate being alone and are afraid of loneliness. They are ready to spend their time hanging out with frenemies or even enemies than stay home and read a book. Stop dreading loneliness. Introverts use a solitude to connect with their souls, discover new things and simply relax. You spend the most time in life with yourself only, so learning to enjoy your own company is definitely a precious lesson.

3 Talking less isn’t a sign of ignorance or disinterest

Introverts have excellent listening skills. They love listening instead of talking because they try to explore a true nature of their interlocutor. Introverts also love learning new things. When you talk more and listen less, you don’t learn anything. You hear yourself only.

Introverts prefer to hear others – they spend enough solitude time to hear themselves. Introverts become leaders thanks to their listening skills. I’m not telling you that introverts are the best, don’t get me wrong. They are simply excellent listeners so they can teach us how to become a better conversationalist.

4 Think twice before you utter a word

“Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another,” Napoleon Hill once said. Introverts follow this golden rule. They take time to answer a question or think a bit longer before speaking in order to express their answer or opinion clearly.

They know that words can cause more pain than actions. Since introverts are more sensitive than extroverts, they pay attention to every word they utter. They respect and appreciate every relationship they have, which is why they make good friends.

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5 Inspiration lies within us

Introverts don’t look for inspiration, they inspire themselves each day. They practice gratitude, and nourish their positive attitude and creativity. Extroverts tend to look to others to inspire them and they feel unmotivated when they don’t get a necessary inspiration. Inspiration lies within us. All you have to do is explore it and nourish it on a daily basis.

Both introverts and extroverts possess amazing traits and we can learn many life lessons from each other. It’s never too late to change your habits. If you’d like to have any of these traits, feel free to adopt them. Who knows, maybe your life will change for the better instantly with little to no effort. What life lessons have you already learnt from introverts or extroverts? Share your experience with us please.