8 Girls Confess What Love Lessons They Learned from Romantic Movies

Oct 13, 2016

There are always lessons to be learned in life. Many of the lessons we learn are based on experiences we have endured. One of the hardest lessons in life have to do with love. I asked a few of my friends what their favorite romantic movie was and what lesson can be learned from it. Here is what they had to say.

Kim about Letters to Juliet (2010)

Kim said her favorite romantic movie is Letters to Juliet.The lesson: True love always finds its way. In this movie, Sophie visits the home where it is thought that Juliet from the famous “Romeo and Juliet” lived. There are letters on the wall written to Juliet under the balcony from women who need romantic advice.

She finds a letter 50 years old from a young woman who had fallen in love and had lost touch with a boy she met. Sophie is able to write the girl, who is now an older woman, and convinces Claire to come to Verona to see if she can find her lost love. After several false leads, Claire does reunite with Lorenzo. True love had found its way even after 50 years of separation.

Cathy about Hope Floats (1998)

Cathy said Hope Floats was her favorite romance movie. The lesson she learned was that divorce is hard, but you can find yourself and rise again. Birdee finds out on a talk show in front of thousands of people that her best friend has been having an affair with her husband. Heartbroken and feeling alone, he decides to start her new life with her daughter in her hometown in Texas. She runs across an old friend, Justin, whose love helps her through her dark days of depression.

Jynda about The Notebook (2004)

The Notebook is Jynda’s favorite. The lesson is true love never dies. The movie is based on the Nicholas Sparks’ bestselling novel. Noah visits a friend in a nursing home and reads her stories from an old notebook about a young couple and their love that is halted by war. Years later they run across each other and realize their love never ended and reunite.

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Katie about 50 First Dates (2004)

Katie’s favorite is 50 First Dates. This happens to be my favorite too. Lesson learned: Never give up on love. Lucy is in a car accident that caused her to lose her short-term memory. She wakes up every day believing it is the day she had her accident.

Along comes the womanizer, Henry, who decides she’s more than just a regular girl whom he tends to have one-night stands with. Henry falls in love with Lucy despite her forgetfulness and finds a way to show his love to her each and every day.

Jeanine about Love Story (1970)

Jeanine says her all-time favorite romantic movie is Love Story. The lesson is that love can cross all boundaries including socio-economic differences and love can get you through all that comes your way, good or bad.

Wealthy Oliver falls in love with a middle-class girl, Jenny. They end up marrying even though his father disapproves. But their love story has a devastating turn of events when Jenny is diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Lorri about A Walk to Remember (2002)

Lorri loves A Walk to Remember. She said the lesson is that miracles come in all shapes and forms. The popular high school student, Landon, is forced to do community service for a hazing incident gone wrong. He is also forced to join the school’s drama club where he ends up needing help from Jamie. Jamie’s father is a minister and has strict rules for his daughter to follow. They end up falling in love, each dealing with obstacles from both sides.

Sharon about Ladyhawke (1985)

Ladyhawke is Sharon’s favorite. Lesson: total devotion and perseverance lead to miracles. The lovers were cursed by a jealous Bishop who wants Lady Isabeau d’Anjou to himself. By day she’s a hawk, and by night Captain. Navarre is a wolf. They are inseparable even though they can’t be together. Yet, they are hopeful they will get another chance.

Shawnda about Dirty Dancing (1987)

Shawnda loves Dirty Dancing. Lesson: It does not matter who you are or where you come from because sometimes you can’t help who you love. Baby is stuck with her parents and sister for the summer at a resort she’d rather avoid.

However, she ends up falling head over heels with Johnny, a dance instructor and entertainer at the resort. He ends up asking her to be his partner for his last performance of the summer. Despite her father’s disapproval, she does and the two fall in love while preparing for the major event.

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Lessons in love may be hard. They may face many obstacles, but as we see in each of these movies, love is all that matters. We can find true love. We can love people who aren’t whom we thought we’d fall in love with. We can have love when we need it most, and it never dies, even though we are sure to face physical death one day. Love gives us hope. That’s the best lesson anyone can learn.